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Jet Set Go: 5 Luxury Eco Resorts and What to Wear There

Getting back to nature can be gritty, if that’s your thing. Or, as these carefully considered eco resorts show, it can be pure, pampered bliss. Within their gorgeous and distinct settings (such as the rocky Newfoundland coast, the mountains of Montana, the Utah desert) these destinations offer unparalleled luxury, catering to their guests while caring for Mother Nature.

Here are five top eco destinations, plus the perfect packing lists.


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Nordstrom NYC Is Now Open: An Entire Store Dedicated to Menswear

Two huge moments in Nordstrom history just happened today, April 12: One, we opened our first ever Nordstrom store in the fashion capitol of NYC! And two, it’s our first store dedicated entirely to menswear! (Double exclamations!!) You’ll find three floors full of the clothes, accessories and services you need (including a Nike shop, a tech bar, a Levi’s alteration station and more) at 235 West 57th Street in Manhattan, with a full bar overlooking Columbus Circle next to Central Park. Check us out.


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Meet Morgane Sézalory, the Founder of Your New Favorite French Label, Sézane

Francophiles and fashion fans, let us introduce you to style savant Morgane Sézalory, the founder of Paris-based clothing label Sézane. (Enchanté.) From humble beginnings as an online vintage-clothing destination, Sézalory’s brand of French boho vibes has made the aesthetic globally accessible—now the world wants to dress in the casually cool Gallic styles she and her team design. To wit, her feminine blouses, day-to-night dresses and sleek pants can sell out within moments of appearing online.

In five years, Sézalory has built an international brand based on her fashion instincts. We spoke with her about getting dressed, going out (as you can imagine, her suggestions are très chic) and working hard in the French capital.


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Sweaty Betty Founder Tamara Hill-Norton on Reshaping an Industry—and Your Bum

It’s London, the late ’90s, and Tamara Hill-Norton just wants some cool, great-fitting athletic clothes. She’s new to the city, trying to stay active, but can’t find any sports stores catering to women. Her solution? Open one.

Bold, definitely, but also calculated. “I wanted to shake up the activewear market,” she says, “to create clothing for women that want to look good and work out.” Twenty years later and the industry has most certainly shifted. Activewear is now so stylish, so comfortable, we wear it all the time, workout or not. For instance, we can’t wait to wear (and yes, break a sweat in) Hill-Norton’s now legendary line, Sweaty Betty, available at Nordstrom April 5—today!

We spoke to Hill-Norton about her balanced approach to health, starting a business and wearing Sweaty Betty bum-sculpting leggings to the bar.


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Jewelry Designer Faris Du Graf’s Minimalist Works of Art Make a Personal Statement

FARIS Large Ladyday drop earrings

Jewelry designer Faris Du Graf is a minimalist. “It’s ironic because jewelry is all about adornment and adding more. I am not ornate, but I make ornamentations.” Her jewelry line, FARIS, though stunningly crafted, does first appear clean and modern. But put it on and the gentle, rippling shape of the pendant necklace is lost to the austerity of the metal; the graceful Ladyday earrings appear mechanical and botanical. What is delicate, when worn, becomes a powerful fashion statement—and hardly what one would categorize as minimalist.

This harmony is Du Graf’s signature, which is equal parts rigid and soft, sculptural and organic. For Du Graf, striking the balance between opposites is a natural result of her design process, which demands she remain agile at all times. Ahead, Du Graf reminds us that when creating something from nothing, every movement is crucial and the finished result is rarely exactly what you thought it would be.


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3×1 Founder Scott Morrison Gives Jeans the Couture Treatment

Skinny, selvedge, vintage, boyfriend: spoiled by choice, why is it we still find ourselves lost on the search for the perfect pair of jeans—ones that are durable, but figure flattering; give without stretching; versatile enough to dress up or down; in a classic wash that doesn’t bulge, tear or fade. Could such a thing even exist?

Scott Morrison thinks so—he’s the entrepreneur and denim enthusiast behind 3×1 (the name comes from the 3×1 Right Hand Twill—the traditional weave used for jeans). Formerly the founder of Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, Morrison has positioned himself as a denim demigod with the power to accentuate your backside with well-placed pockets, or elongate limbs with his signature raw hemline.

So we asked Morrison: What makes the perfect pair of jeans? Ahead, the designer explains how 3×1 is revolutionizing the way we shop by reminding us of the elegance of quality denim.


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Brandon Maxwell Spring 2018 campaign with Jourdan Dunn Interviews Style

Brandon Maxwell Knows Women and What They Want to Wear

“I love seeing what women post on their Instagram, how they style it, and how they always seem like they have somewhere to go,” Brandon Maxwell says. “That truly, truly gives me joy.” The designer isn’t exaggerating–his life, almost since childhood, has been dedicated to making women feel beautiful. According to the Brandon Maxwell brand story—basically the designer’s biography—as a boy, Maxwell spent a lot of time at a women’s boutique in Texas where his grandmother worked. There, he got his first taste of styling, which became his career before he launched his eponymous label in 2015.

Being around women—his grandma, his mom, his high school friends before he was styling supermodels and Lady Gaga—has given the fashion designer an uncanny connection with his female clientele and colleagues. “I feel so blessed to work with a team of incredible women who, over that time, grow, evolve and adapt together,” Maxwell says about the group effort behind his successful clothing line. “Seeing our community come together has been an extremely enriching experience that I could have never even imagined when I started the brand.”

Maxwell was recently at our Green Hills store in Nashville, where he took a moment to talk to us about how he makes women feel so great, his mom and his spring collection—which, for the first time, includes denim.


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West World: Western Styles Have Us Booting Up This Spring

Spring isn’t usually boot season, but this year we’ll make an exception. There’s a new style in town (cue the swinging saloon doors)—or, really, a rebooted classic that’s showing up in the major fashion cities. Lately, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the streets of Paris, New York and London this Fashion Week for Sweetwater’s dusty trails, with all the cool cowgirl footwear that’s roaming them.

We rustled up some of our favorite Western boots based on street-style looks we spotted. Here are the pairs we’d wear while riding off into the sunset.


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Jet Set Go: What to Wear and Do in Isla Holbox and Marrakesh

If you’re going to get away, go far. We surveyed some of the most well-traveled people we know to find out which destinations left the biggest impressions. Two places kept coming up: Isla Holbox and Marrakesh. These sandy locales are indeed unlike anywhere else, and offer unexpected pleasures and time-tested leisure.

Here are our travel pros’ tips for what to do and what to pack. All that’s left for you to do is book your flight.



Zella Pro Rachael DeVaux Dishes on Her Health and Wellness Goals

Photo courtesy of Rachael DeVaux

Hyping ourselves up for a workout is no easy task, but with the right gym gear and a pep talk from our fitness guru, we find the motivation we need to be active. Enter Rachael DeVaux of Rachael’s Good Eats, the registered dietician and personal trainer with a wealth of health and wellness knowledge. We asked Rachael about her favorite workout, how she keeps disciplined and what she likes to wear for her sweat sessions. Ahead, she teaches us that achieving #fitnessgoals begins with a positive attitude.