Designer Robert Rodriguez Interviews Style Video

Behind the Brand: Robert Rodriguez Loves Outerwear, Proportions and Volume

Robert Rodriguez’s namesake label centers on clean lines, decadent fabrics and classically tailored silhouettes. Current, never trendy, understated—but completely contemporary—the Robert Rodriguez woman is above all always true to herself.

The creative director muses on his fall collection, and his undeniable love of outerwear and volume in our interview.


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Zella in Your Corner: 3 Basic Boxing Drills to Know Before You Get in the Ring

This October, Zella observes 10 years in the activewear industry. To get into the celebratory swing of things, the Nordstrom-exclusive brand is honoring the occasion with a special capsule collection dedicated to a burgeoning sport with some serious fighting spirit: women’s boxing.

While female competitors have been throwing punches since at least the 18th century, boxing has been largely considered a macho, male-dominated sport for most of its history. Even today, physical aggression is seen as a man’s specialty, despite female fighting phenoms like Claressa Shields and Cecilia Braekhus making regular ESPN headlines. But the world of women’s boxing is only ramping up—and we’re hoping this new collection inspires a few more million-dollar babies out there.

For one, it delivers a full-body workout that tones almost every muscle and incinerates up to 900 calories an hour. (That’s twice as many calories as your average foray on the elliptical machine.) Boxing’s inherently short bursts of extreme cardio are proven to burn more fat than a steady-going cardio session and continue to burn calories post-workout. It’s also incredibly empowering and fun. When you’re punching bags and lifting weights in fast and furious drills, your endorphins are cranked to 11. You’re building strength, honing hand-eye coordination and learning practical self-defense skills. You’re firing on all cylinders, pummeling the day’s stresses away.

Not into human combat? No problem! In fact, most boxing students never step into the ring. Some don’t even spar (when two people practice fighting against each other). It’s a choose-your-own-intensity sport where you control the level of involvement. What matters is you’re getting your heart rate up, working muscles head to toe and managing stress in a healthy way.


Lafayette 148 New York Interviews Style Video

Behind the Brand: Emily Smith of Lafayette 148 New York on Defining a Signature Style

The Lafayette 148 New York woman is a BOSS. Her unyielding style relies on an expertly crafted and efficient uniform of silk blouses, tailored trousers and A-line dresses that effortlessly transition from the desk to dinner. Confidence is her signature style (so long as it comes in leathers, fine cottons and cashmeres).

Emily Smith, woman-in-charge and creative director of the label, finds her muse in this contemporary working woman. In the video below, Smith reminds us that the secret to being in charge is an unwavering authenticity and integrity.


Cole Haan Extraordinary Women Interviews Style Video

Karlie Kloss and Christy Turlington Burns Are Extraordinary Women—but We Already Knew That

What good are expensive pumps with a broken heel? We like our style with substance. The same goes for our fashion icons: women who are merely pretty without purpose can’t reach the status of role model, even if they are supermodels. That’s why uber-models Karlie Kloss and Christy Turlington Burns are in a class of their own. Each lady founded an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of women. Christy is the founder of Every Mother Counts, an international nonprofit that helps provide skilled health care for moms-to-be and their infants. As the founder of Kode with Klossy, Karlie offers coding summer camps and scholarships for young women, with the hope of lessening the tech gender gap.

There really couldn’t be two better spokeswomen for Cole Haan’s “Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Stories” fall campaign, an exploration of the impact of our relationships and actions in the world.


Nico Peyrache of Frame Interviews Men's Fashion Style Video

Behind the Brand: Nico Peyrache of FRAME on Having One Foot in the ’70s

Nico Peyrache is the creative director of FRAME, a très cool denim brand that has spun out to design some stunningly chic shirts, blouses, dresses and sweaters. Basically, if you need to look put together in a moment’s notice, FRAME’s unfussy pieces will get you there. Which was kind of the point behind the label, Peyrache explains, during this brief video interview with the charming Frenchman.


Marcus Wainwright Interviews Men's Fashion Style Video

Behind the Brand: Marcus Wainwright of rag & bone on the Future of Fashion

Marcus Wainwright, CEO and founder of rag & bone, has been the axle around which the contemporary fashion brand has rotated since its launch in 2002. With the departure of his cofounder, David Neville, last year, Wainwright has engaged in all aspects of the successful New York label. His steadfast, tempered Britishness centers the brand, which is anchored in his upper-class English background but deeply informed by American manufacturing and dress codes. As rag & bone has spun away from industry trends—like see-now, buy-now schedules and fashion shows—it has pursued more ethical, more decisive, more intentional choices.

That may clue you in to where Wainwright sees the future of fashion going. Here is what he told us during a brief chat on the state of the industry.


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Interviews Style Video

Behind the Brand: The Veronica Beards on Their New (Extremely Flattering) Denim Collection

Families aren’t always formed by genetics and upbringing. Sometimes they develop through shared affinities, creating non-biological kinships—families forged by bond, not by blood.

For sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, founders of their mutually eponymous label Veronica Beard, that connection arose through a common love of fashion, specifically American sportswear—and that they married brothers.

We recently spoke with the designers about their new denim collection. Seems they share a love of good jeans, if not genes.


Interviews Style Video

Behind the Brand: A.L.C. Founder Andrea Lieberman Wants All Clothes to Feel as Easy as a T-shirt

It’s pretty clear pretty quickly that A.L.C. founder and creative director Andrea Lieberman is what you might call a cool chick. She likes music—mostly hip-hop and reggae. She runs her own business. She digs—and designs—clothes that are confident, relaxed and modern.

We briefly spoke with Andrea about her design principles and the brand that bears her name—well, her initials.


Amy Smilovic Interviews Style Video

Behind the Brand: Tibi Founder Amy Smilovic Designs Clothes That Make Women Feel Powerful

Any working woman not already familiar with the label Tibi is at a serious professional disadvantage. Amy Smilovic’s line of sophisticated, modern styles could be our uniform—and we wouldn’t mind a bit. The designer understands what women need to feel empowered; it dates back to her first splurge on a DKNY power suit.

Hear about her design ethos and what excites her about the next generation of customers in the video below.


GREY Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2017 Style Travel Video

GREY Jason Wu Goes to Hong Kong with Caroline Issa—Plus His Upcoming Capsule Collection with Diane Kruger

One of our favorite things about fashion is its ability to transport the wearer—in time (historic, seasonal) and in place (environment, geography). When we think of it that way, a dress seems like a small price to pay to be lifted out of our everyday existences whenever we choose. Wear a mod sheath and go to a galactic future, while a peasant blouse seems to occupy the pastoral past.

Jason Wu masterfully designs to send his customers on adventures. His sibling collection, GREY Jason Wu, caters to the modern city dweller, the kind of women he knows and regularly dresses. And the campaign for GREY’s pre-fall collection occupies a particular locale: Hong Kong, that Pearl of the Orient. For the shoot, Jason asked his pal and collaborator, Caroline Issa, to style the colorful, contemporary collection in the city’s retail-heavy Central district, largely on Stanley and Wellington Streets.

We spoke with Jason about his pre-fall designs and his upcoming collection with actress Diane Kruger (at Nordstrom in November!). He also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the Hong Kong shoot. We can’t wait to go.