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Raf Simons’s SS 18 Collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

One of menswear’s most respected designers and certainly the biggest name at NYFW:M, Raf Simons staged his Blade Runner-esque runway show Tuesday night under a bridge in the heart of Chinatown. Highsnobiety has an excellent review digging into the details of what the show meant in the scope of Simons’s work and fashion in general.

For our part, we’ll say that while we respect CFDA CEO Steven Kolb’s distinction between art and commerce, money is the last thing on our minds after soaking up Simons’s creativity. Long live the artist.

Simons, for the uninitiated, is the creative director of Calvin Klein, and the designer of his namesake brand, which has drawn longstanding inspiration from the music and artwork of Joy Division, New Order, and Peter Saville—the designer with whom Simons also recently redesigned the Calvin Klein logo.

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Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede on Good Body, Their New Line of Curve-Enhancing Bodysuits

We chatted with Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede to get the deets on Good American’s new curve-conscious bodysuit line, Good Body. Turns out, these versatile, game-changing bodysuits fit and flatter women in a wide range of sizes—from 0 to 20.

Why create a new line of bodysuits?

Khloé Kardashian: We wanted to create a line of timeless pieces, so for us, that meant bodysuits. Bodysuits and denim are exactly the types of garments that can be worn time and time again—and always look sexy.

Emma Grede: This idea came quite naturally to us. This is our version of “jeans and a T-shirt,” and we wanted to add something sexy to wear with a good pair of denim.


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Designer Rebecca Taylor Recollects on Red Shoes, Lace & Moms in 3 Short Films

We didn’t think it was possible to love designer Rebecca Taylor more. Her romantic yet modern, lacy but comfortable clothes inject a fun feminine element into our wardrobe and breathe fresh, delicate air into our closet’s empty corners. And after hearing about some of her influences (David Bowie, her mum), we adore her even more.

Get to know the New Zealand designer in these three short films.



Friends from the Floor: How to Shop Designer Clearance

“Friends from the Floor” is a series dedicated to sharing the latest product obsessions of our Nordstrom sales crew.

For some, shopping big name brands like Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs can be a tad daunting. No matter how comfortable you are with the idea of an investment piece, an investment is still an investment. It implies a calculated risk.

But on the rare occasion when those brands and others have been marked down, well, it’s time to act quickly, strategically and stylishly. We asked some of our favorite Downtown Seattle sales pros to give us the strategies and words of wisdom they share with their customers and friends.


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Gucci’s Pre-Fall Throwback Dance Party Video

British-born, Brooklyn-based photographer and videographer Glen Luchford has been capturing the ultra-engaging universe of Gucci for the past few seasons—the layers of colors, the wild embellishments, the nerdy/cool casting, the far-flung locations and their other-worldly, other-era moods.

All images courtesy Gucci 

To hype the pre-fall ’17 collection, the hairdresser-turned-photo-snapper co-produced a video campaign called “Soul Scene,” in which an all-black cast of models busts insane dance moves inside the Mildmay Club in London.

And we’ve got the whole gorgeous thing.


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Asking for a Friend: How to Keep White Sneakers White?

How to Keep White Sneakers White

Our stylists love to recommend white sneakers because they go with everything. And they do. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, please believe there is a white sneaker for you.

Once you find it, you will need to decide: is this a sneaker that looks good slightly dirty? Because yes, that’s a thing—some of the coolest sneakers out right now look filthy. 

But if you answered “no,” that’s completely normal. And perhaps you’ll want to know: How should I keep my white sneakers white?

Two words for you: Jason Markk.

That’s the brand name of the shoe cleaner you need, made by Jason M. Angsuvarn, whose company is the first name in the pursuit of spotless sneakers. Check out the videos below to see how to use Jason Markk to clean your white sneakers.

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning KitJason Markk Shoe Cleaning KitJason Markk Shoe Cleaning KitJason Markk Shoe Cleaning KitJason Markk Shoe Cleaning KitJason Markk Shoe Cleaning KitJason Markk Shoe Cleaning Kit

SHOP: Jason Markk shoe cleaning kit | Santoni sneakers | Sperry Flex Deck sneakers | Vans Authentics | Cole Haan tennis sneakers | adidas Stan Smiths | J&M 1850 sneakers (seen above)


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Modern Icon Hari Nef Teaches Her Mom (and Us) How to Take a Selfie

Want to take the perfect selfie? Model, actress and writer Hari Nef has a few tricks up the sleeve of her Vetements dress. Want to be the best mom to your extraordinarily talented kid? Robin Neff Clebnik might know a thing or two about that.

While we had this mother-daughter dream team on set for our Mother’s Day video shoot, we asked them to show us how to work all our angles—and to share the Mother’s Day love.


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Please Meet the Real Mademoiselle Chanel—and Your New Favorite Handbag Collection

2017 is the year of Gabrielle. You’ve known her all these years as Coco, but with today’s launch of Chanel’s GABRIELLE bag, Karl Lagerfeld truly gets us on a first-name basis with the ultimate style icon.

What’s more, this intimate invitation—and the handbag reveal that comes with it—is a call to all women everywhere to embrace their ultimate identity. After all, it was Gabrielle who said, “I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am.”

The Chanel Gabrielle bag

The Chanel GABRIELLE bag; all images courtesy Chanel


Chanel‘s message is all about the freedom of individuality and the exploration of self, so watch for gorgeous images of your favorite bold names and faces with GABRIELLE styles as the campaign unfurls. We’re excited to share the beloved brand’s new video, Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart, with you today.


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At Practice with Our Shoe Designer’s “Pointy Shoegaze” Band, Fotoform

As Nordstrom’s footwear design director, Kim House oversees the styles that brands like Halogen®, Caslon®, Treasure & Bond and BP. put forward for feet. In her off-time, Kim is a singer and bassist in the band Fotoform, which she describes cheekily as a “pointy shoegaze” outfit.


“Shoegaze came out of Britain in the late ’80s, early ’90s,” Kim explains, when we meet up in the band’s practice space in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. “Bands like Lush, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine were characterized by a wall of guitars, lots of effects, with ethereal vocals on top.” It’s Kim’s heavenly voice that floats like soft gauze on top of twin guitars, bass and drums. “‘Pointy shoegaze’ was a nod to some of the early ’80s dark stuff we were inspired by—and that time and that scene. People wore a lot of pointy shoes at that time.” But it’s also a nod to Kim’s day job, one that thankfully provides an outlet for her visual inspirations, like the Fotoform avant-garde photography movement, from which the band takes its name.


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Fresh Off Our Spring Campaign, Petra Collins Shoots the New Gucci Video

You know that thing when two of your friends hit it off? That’s what’s happening right now with Petra Collins, the young visionary who shot our spring campaign, and Gucci, which hopefully needs no introduction.

Collins walked as a model in the recent Gucci show in Milan and has also been creating imagery for the legendary Italian brand. Check out her new video for Gucci above—and read our interview with Collins here.

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