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Celebrity Hair Stylist Jen Atkin on How to Get Shiny, Red-Carpet Tresses

Ever wish you could touch Chrissy Teigen’s pony? Or run your fingers through Gigi Hadid’s tendrils? That type of stalker behavior is totally acceptable if you’re celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. (Otherwise, it’s a huge no-no, like possibly prosecutable.) Atkin is friend and hair adviser to some of the loveliest manes in Hollywood. In addition to Teigen and Hadid, she glosses the locks of the Kardashians and Jenners, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry.

Atkin is also the founder of the game-changing hair line OUAI (a collection of no-nonsense products for ladies who don’t like fuss but want beautiful hair) and a spokesperson for the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (a timesaving tool seemingly sent to us from the future).

Jen Atkin

She’ll be taking over our Instagram account on April 22 with hair tips and trendy styles for you to try. In the meantime, we asked her to demystify hair care and tell us how we can get celebrity tresses of our own right now.

What is one hair myth that you’d love to bust?

You do not need a haircut every six weeks. This is a major myth in the hair care world. The truth is, if you take great care of your hair and do deep conditioning treatments with the OUAI Treatment Masque regularly, a trim is only necessary three to four times a year.

How often should one wash, condition and trim her hair, really?

As far as how often one should wash and condition their hair, it’s different for each hair type. You want to be sure not to overly wash your hair as it can cause it to dry out. Your scalp needs its natural oils to keep it healthy and moisturized. OUAI Dry Shampoo foam really helps prolong your shampoo cycle, and using conditioner only from mid-strand to ends will help the scalp not become oily as quickly.

I usually only cut my hair two or three times a year because I use great products from my OUAI line in between trims, which keeps my hair growing out healthy. This gives my cut enough time to grow out so that my stylist has something to work with when cutting it.

Is there a trend in hair care you’re currently excited about?

I love that people are really starting to embrace their natural wave and curl!

Jen Atkin, Dyson hair dryer

What about your favorite new styling trick?

I’ve become obsessed with using the Dyson diffuser at the end of my Supersonic blow dryer!  After spraying a little OUAI Wave Spray throughout damp hair, I take the hair into multiple sections and fold and form the hair how I want it to dry.  No hot tools needed!

How can we get the red-carpet celebrity tresses at home that we see on your clients?

Maintaining the quality of the hair is important. Before a red carpet, celebs always do their best to make sure their hair is in the best condition so it reads well in photos. This means a fresh cut, color, deep conditioning treatment, Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, extensions, etc.! I always suggest a treatment with the OUAI Treatment Masque pre-red carpet to make sure their hair is in the best condition possible.

What is your personal everyday hair routine like?

When it comes to my styling routine, I’m very low maintenance. I wash my hair one or two times a week with OUAI Volume Shampoo at the roots and OUAI Repair Conditioner on the ends. OUAI Dry Shampoo is essential in between washes, and OUAI Finishing Crème is always in my purse for the ends. I usually let my hair air dry, but if I have time to dry it, I use the OUAI Wave Spray throughout and then take my diffuser to it to add in my natural wave. If my hair feels oily, I embrace it with OUAI Hair Oil and will do a sleek middle part and low bun.

—Britt Burritt