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Ceremonial Stares are the Coolest Spring Look from MAC at Tome | Backstage Beauty

If you’ve been itching to try Nigerian-American artist Laolu Senbajo’s body art from Bey’s “Sorry” video, but can’t quite seem to make the intensely emotive paint patterns work for your every day, M•A•C‘s makeup at Tome spring 2017 might be the gateway look. Refreshingly, the unique beauty of women of different ages, sizes and ethnicities was on display during Tome’s show. That continued down to the natural beauty of the models, but with a happy burst of white as an unexpected accent around the eyes. It is almost a visual interpretation of “smizing.” We spotted model Irina Kravchenko on the street still wearing the look, and we couldn’t blame her a bit.

MAC and Aveda backstage at TOMEPhotos by Masha Maltsava

The makeup was inspired by a Dinka (a tribe in the Upper Nile region of South Sudan) ceremonial paint. Lead M•A•C artist Diane Kendal let the models’ individual beauty shine through but added feathery brushstrokes along the sides of the eyes.

Aveda artists followed the tendencies of each woman’s hair, accentuating natural waves, curls and texture with select products.

MAC and Aveda backstage at TOME

MAC backstage at TOME

Antoinette Beenders, lead hair stylist for Aveda, told Nordstrom national beauty director Marynell Maddox that Aveda was working with models in very individual ways. She took the natural beauty of each person’s hair and enhanced it.

Aveda backstage at Tome
For instance, with one model that had a natural wave, Antoinette used a leave-in conditioner and a new (out in a few weeks) split-end repair product plus a big-barrel curling iron to make that wave more pronounced. She ran the iron through the hair to create effortless, individual waves.
Aveda and MAC backstage at Tome
The results, Antoinette said, were more “beachy” than “prom-like.” The Aveda team created 37 different looks for the models, each one customized to the individual.
Aveda and MAC backstage at Tome
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1. M•A•C lead artist Diane Kendal used Chroma Cake in white with a 184 Duo Fibre fan brush to create the airy strokes that framed the models’ gazes.
MAC backstage at Tome
2. For the skin, she applied just enough of the Studio Waterweight foundation to even out the skin tone, filling in eyebrows where necessary with clear brow set, and then brushing and grooming.
MAC backstage at Tome
3. On the cheeks, she used Blushbaby blush with a tiny bit of contour in Banana to make the face look super healthy.
MAC backstage at Tome
4. Next she curled the lashes, leaving them mostly natural.
MAC backstage at Tome
5. On the lips, she used the Pro Longwear lip pencil in In Control that she blended with her finger into a light stain.
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