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Sparkly Suggestions: Bottles of Bubbly and the Perfect Earrings for New Year’s Eve

Nadri linear stud earring
Each year there are two things that help ensure our New Year’s Eve is a success: the perfect bottle of Champagne to pop at midnight and a pretty pair of earrings to make our party outfit shine.

For the first we spoke with Bryan Maletis, the owner of Fat Cork, a Champagne club, and an expert importer. He recommended these six special bottles for the big night. We then paired each delicious description with our favorite festive earrings that hit similar notes. Enjoy them separately or match them up for an extra-special entrée to 2016.

Alexander Lenique Excellence Cuvee BrutAlexandre Lenique Cuvée Excellence Brut

“Young Alexandre is a perfectionist in the vineyard and in his cellar. His Champagnes are very fresh and clean, perfect for an apéritif and great for long-term aging. The aromas are delicate, citrusy and floral. The taste is light on the palate but still complex. This is what I will be drinking on New Year’s Eve,” says Maletis.

Pair it with Nadri linear stud earrings (pictured above). The glittery crawler is elegant but fun and perfect with a crisp updo.
Pascal Redon Brut Rose

Pascal Redon Cuvée Brut Rosé

“A beautiful salmon color that is perfect for holiday meals and entertaining. It goes with a very diverse range of foods and is great by itself, too. It’s mostly Chardonnay with a little bit of Pinot Noir added for color and texture; this will make both Champagne aficionados and novices swoon.”

Pair it with the versatile and rosy Monica Vinader Riva diamond hoop drop earrings. This pretty pair can be worn at both casual and formal occasions. Like the bottle of rosé, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself reaching for them again and again.

Lana fringe earrings
Gimonnet-Oger Blanc de Blancs Millésime 2002 Premier CruGimonnet-Oger Cuvée Blanc de Blancs Millésime 2002 Premier Cru

“This is a 2002 vintage Champagne that has been resting in Jean-Luc Gimonnet’s cellar in the perfect conditions for the past 12 years. It is 100 percent Chardonnay, and Monsieur Gimonnet is a master of the Chardonnay vines that have been passed down in his family for five generations! It is rich with honey aromas and has a beautiful, nutty taste on the palate. The finish is long and elegant.”

Pair it with Lana fringe drop earrings in 14-karat gold. Delicate chains reflect just the right amount of light on these danglers that are classic enough to wear for decades to come.

Nadri pave bar chain drop earringJean Baillette-Prudhomme Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru

“This Brut Nature cuvée is not for the timid as it is one of the driest wines made on the planet. However, it is aged for six-plus years and that age balances out the high levels of acidity and lack of any sweetness. I love this with cheese at the end or beginning of a meal.”

Pair it with Nadri pavé bar chain drop earrings for a bold but balanced accent to a rocking New Year’s Eve look. Everyone will be peeking at your lobes trying to decipher these elegant but edgy earrings.

Alexis Bittar Miss Havisham encrusted tassel drop earrings

Hervieux Dumez Special Club Millesime 2007Hervieux Dumez Special Club Millésime 2007

“If you want a bottle to be the star at the dinner table, this is one that will shine. It will also age for many years, but it already has seven-plus years of age and it is beautiful with bold foods like roast meat and veggies. It is rich, structured and has a honey/almond aroma that jumps out of the glass.”

Pair it with Alexis Bittar Miss Havisham encrusted tassel drop earrings for an equally daring accessory. These earrings go to great lengths to stun with their chain tassels and lovely but jagged crystal embellishments.

Nadri Starry Night multi hoop stud earrings

Didier-Ducos Fils Cuvée Brut

“This is a unique cuvée, crafted from the obscure Pinot Meunier grape. Pinot Meunier has a creamy texture on the palate and a very floral and fruity aroma. This is a really cool Champagne that is much different from the rest. It’s classic, but not traditional because it has bold, fruit and cream characteristics without the usually nutty, yeasty and almond flavors.”

Pair it with these equally cool Nadri multi hoop crystal-studded earrings. Sparkly but not overdone, they are a fresh and breezy approach to a common earring style made party-ready.

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—Britt Olson