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Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist to the Stars, Wants to Empower You with Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist signature looks.

When your client list reads like a who’s who of the top celebrities and models on earth, you know you’re probably doing a thing or two right. Earlier this month, Charlotte Tilbury, one of the most famous makeup artists out there (go ahead and google it!), came to visit our headquarters and Seattle flagship store. On a whirlwind trip, Tilbury managed to fit in private luncheons with customers, a meet and greet with local influencers and editors and a final in-store appearance, which packed our first floor with scads of fans waiting for her to descend the escalator followed by 10 models, each sporting one of Tilbury’s signature looks. Oh, and she even popped in at our Beauty Stylist call center to pick up the phone and answer a few live questions from customers.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist appearance at Nordstrom.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist appearance at Nordstrom.

One of the highlights of this gregarious British makeup guru’s visit was witnessing her master classes, where she and her most trusted artists demonstrated makeup looks as she offered tips, tricks and shared a serious wealth of knowledge about her products. Charlotte fell in love with makeup (namely mascara) at a young age and eventually began developing collections for some top brands. As a freelance artist, her talents soon became sought after by, well, pretty much everyone. Now, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Tilbury half-jokingly says, “I’ve pretty much done everyone’s makeup but the queen of England.”


Two and a half years ago, Charlotte launched her own line of makeup after years of quietly working on her own brand. What started it all? A blend of products she created and would insist on using before applying a drop of makeup. She called it her secret cream and closely guarded the formula. Word got around, and soon everyone was pleading for that ‘magic cream.’ She listened, renamed the cream and began selling it to a public that has never stopped demanding it. Why? Because, “it’s AMAZING.” We agree.


Today, Charlotte has a long list of covetable products, created with skin care in mind and her goal of launching a makeup line that has only “easy to use, easy to choose products.” She was startled to learn that fifty percent of British women—and a large number of American women—don’t engage or experiment with makeup, because they don’t know what to use and are afraid to play with it. And she wants to change that. “Beauty is power. We judge people by what they look like. We do. But there is no such thing as an ugly woman. We’re all beautiful. It’s about empowering women by enhancing the natural beauty that’s already there to help them become the most beautiful versions of themselves.” (P.S.: Enter to win your own makeover from Charlotte as part of her Project Confidence.)


That’s just what Charlotte is doing with a genius concept that guides her brand. After years of creating looks for her clients, she realized that makeup looks get recycled over time. Just like in fashion, there are certain iconic looks that every woman can identify with no matter the era (like a moto jacket and jeans, or a fit & flare and pumps). Whether it’s Audrey Hepburn or Jerry Hall or their modern-day counterparts Natalie Portman and Beyoncé, respectively, women are inspired by the icons and constantly ask how to get their looks. So she distilled them into her 10 signature looks—each meant to evoke a different kind of woman.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist signature looks.

Her next hurdle was that large percentage of women who just don’t want to bother with makeup. All those celebrities have hair and makeup artists around them all the time to help them look their best. So, just like a stylist would tell you what top to wear with what skirt and shoes, Charlotte did the same for makeup. Each of her ten looks comes with instructions on what goes where for eyes, lips and cheeks–from day to night–to ensure a gorgeous look and a maximum success rate.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist appearance at Nordstrom.Charlotte-Tillbury--Nordstrom-59

Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist signature looks.

Even better, each of her looks–what she calls her makeup wardrobe–can be purchased altogether with her kiss-print cosmetics bag so you can just reach for a specific look and have everything right where you need it. Easy. “You can change your makeup as often as you change your clothes. It’s about picking who you want to look like today—just like you do with an outfit. You are empowered to play and discover new looks rather than just clinging to that one look you finally found that you feel like you can do and pull off.”

Charlotte-Tillbury--Nordstrom-129 Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist appearance at Nordstrom. Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist appearance at Nordstrom. Charlotte-Tillbury--Nordstrom-72

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