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What happens when one of the favorite lifestyle gurus of the under-35 set wants the perfect wardrobe? She designs it, of course! Emily Schuman—whose 6-million-visitors-a-month blog cupcakes and cashmere chronicles her love of all things fashion, food, home decor and DIY—is launching a new clothing collection at Nordstrom this month. (You may have read something about it on WWD, Who What Wear and the list goes on…) We caught five minutes with the busy L.A.-based entrepreneur, wife and mom of baby girl Sloan to get the scoop on her latest project.

cupcakes and cashmere designer Emily Schuman

Describe your new collection in three words.
Feminine. Classic. Tailored.

What influenced you most in designing the collection?
I created pieces that I wanted in my closet—things I’m always reaching for whenever I head out to brunch or a business meeting. I was influenced by street-style photography featuring impeccably dressed women who always seem to have perfectly tailored wardrobes.

Tell us about your connection to Nordstrom.
When I first got into fashion in high school, the BP. department was my favorite place to shop. My style has changed a lot since I was a teenager, but I’ve simply moved around departments within Nordstrom and have always been a loyal customer. I love that it’s a consistently great shopping experience, and the customer service is the best. When I found out Nordstrom would be carrying my line, I was so happy I cried!



What was the biggest challenge in designing the collection? The biggest surprise?
The hardest thing was narrowing down patterns. I must have gone through thousands of different prints trying to find the ideal ones. The biggest surprise was the quality of the faux leather. I knew it would be good, but I didn’t know it would be that convincing!

Who do you see wearing the collection?
It was really important to me to create versatile looks that appeal to women of all ages. The pieces feel current and chic without being too trendy—which is a fine line to walk, but I think that’s what makes it work for everyone.

If your collection had a playlist, what would it be?
Paul Simon’s Graceland. It’s a classic album that always puts me in a great mood. It’s filled with upbeat, happy music.

Has your style changed since you’ve become a mom? If yes, how so?
During the week, I try to maintain the same style I’ve always had. Even if I’m just wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I add a fun pair of heels, do my hair and make sure to have on a bit of makeup each day. On the weekends though, I’m a lot more casual and have been really into the ‘athleisure’ look of tailored sweats, cute flats and a slouchy tank top.

You’ve always been a West Coast girl. How does your style translate to other parts of the country?
While I certainly give off a California vibe with my look—messy top knot, a (faux) tan and bright colors—my style is grounded in classic pieces that don’t necessarily scream L.A., or New York for that matter. Wherever I am, I tend to reflect the vibe of the city in an unintentional way—I find myself dressing slightly more preppy in San Francisco and gravitating toward neutrals on the East Coast.

What’s the one piece of style advice you’ll give your daughter and hope she always remembers?
Invest in high-quality basics, get things tailored and edit your closet at least twice a year.


The cupcakes and cashmere collection is available online July 6 and in selected stores July 10.

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