Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What on her jewelry collaboration with Lulu DK.

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Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What on Her Lulu DK Jewelry Collab

It’s a bit of an understatement to say #OOTD queen Danielle Bernstein wields influence across the blogosphere. Her Instagram feed boasts over 1.8 million followers, her fashion blog, WeWoreWhat, has added menswear and home decor to its all-that-is-stylish content arsenal, she’s launched a few of her own womenswear lines, and Forbes magazine named her a Top Influencer and a 30 Under 30 in Fashion and Art & Style for 2017.

So when someone with that much style clout takes on a capsule jewelry collection, you know it’s going to be worthwhile. The New York blogger recently joined forces with esteemed accessories designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski of Lulu DK to create an of-the-moment interpretation of high-end vintage baubles. The results are 14-karat gold-plated lockets, dainty chokers, blinged-out earring cuffs and other layer-friendly pieces ranging from $38 to $88—all available exclusively at Nordstrom for the next two weeks.

We recently interviewed Danielle to get a few details on the collab—and some foolproof jewelry styling tips.

Tell us about the origin of your collaboration with Lulu DK. Who contacted whom? And were you looking for a jewelry project to put your personal spin on?

I’ve always wanted to create jewelry at an affordable price point since that is one of the most common requests from my followers. Lulu DK contacted me and when I met Laurie [Constantino] and Lulu, our aesthetics aligned immediately and I knew it would be a great fit.


Why do you think the jewelry layering look is still so popular? And are there any tricks to layering that our readers should know?

Layering dainty, gold necklaces has always been one of my favorite jewelry trends. The concept with this is that more is more. The key to layering is different lengths, so most of our necklaces are adjustable for this purpose.

Tell us a little about WeWoreWhat. It’s a very outfit-centered blog these days, but you also travel a lot and collaborate with other creative minds on everything from skin care to furniture. Can you tell us more about your blog’s evolution and what drives your day-to-day content?

Well, most people don’t know this, but WeWoreWhat actually started as a street-style blog. Over the years it has become more lifestyle-focused because I’ve always said that fashion is just a small part of me. I want to be able to share all the other things that I love with my followers, be it music, travel or food.

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We feel fortunate to get first dibs on this collection. Do you have any words of advice for the Nordstrom customer on how to select the right pieces to work with her personal style?

I would suggest looking at what she already wears every day. If that piece is small and dainty, then I suggest getting one of our larger pendant necklaces—it will complement [a smaller piece] well. If not, then I suggest she get something smaller to sit higher on the neck, almost like a choker, and then one of our larger pieces at a longer length to pair with that. Essentially, you don’t want to have too many big pieces and too many little pieces paired together. The earrings and rings are great to mix in with your everyday wardrobe. The hoops are some of my favorite pieces from this collection.


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