What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day Date Night? Instagram’s 4 Hottest Couples Share Their Style

As of presstime, you have 25 shopping days until the date night of all date nights, Valentine’s Day. Do you know what you’re wearing? Because we talked to four of the most in-love and Instagrammed couples on the Internet, and their plans are looking pretty solid.

Mine these interviews for outfit ideas, date itineraries, soundtrack notes and general romantic maneuvers. Oh, and good Instagram feeds.

(DJ Kiss and DJ M.O.S. via Instagram)

The couple: DJ Kiss and DJ M.O.S. (a.k.a. Masud)
Live in: Brooklyn, New York. We love the amazing diversity of the people and cultures in our neighborhood.
Met: At a nightclub in NYC where Kiss was waitressing and I was DJing. She would come up and talk to me about music, and we hit it off because we’re both basically music nerds.
Love at first sight or slow burn? We were basically a full-on couple after our first date.
Your song: Michael Jackson’s “The Lady In My Life”
If your relationship was a movie it would be: Brown Sugar
Stay in and cook together or go out to eat? Actually both! Masud is an amazing cook, so if we’re not exhausted from the week we stay in and cook. But we love eating out as well. Basically we both just love to eat! Some of our favorite restaurants are The General Greene in Brooklyn; Indochine, Izakaya, Buddakan and Old Homestead in Manhattan; and Prime Italian in Miami.
Three words to describe your partner’s style: Tailored, bold and FRESH! —DJ Kiss
Kiss is a combination of chic, daring and sexy. —DJ M.O.S.
Valentine’s Day plans: We actually work every Valentine’s Day, as clients love to book us together for the night! We usually spend a quiet morning and day together and then rock out together at our gig that night. It’s our version of romance.
Soundtrack: We’ve done a Valentine’s Day mix two years in a row with great love songs from past and present, so we generally listen to that all day.
How you would style each other for the evening: I’m obsessed with my hubby’s style so I will love anything he wears, and I adore the way Margiela’s Jazz Club smells on him. —DJ Kiss
Kiss is really fashionable at all times, but I love when she dresses extra sexy for me. I’d love her to wear a short skirt or tight dress. She is a fragrance connoisseur, so she always has something intoxicating on. —DJ M.O.S.


(Bethany and Cory via Instagram)

The couple: Bethany and Cory
Live in: Seattle. We love the community of artists here, and that we can easily escape to the mountains.
Met: On Instagram through a mutual photographer friend.
Your song: “Shine” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
If your relationship was a movie it would be: You’ve Got Mail, but in 2015
Your relationship spirit animals: Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Three words to describe your partner’s style: Black, gold, leather. —Cory
Minimal, edgy, comfortable. —Bethany
Valentine’s Day plans: We’re going exploring somewhere in the mountains or spending the night in Seattle.
Soundtrack: Sigur Ros’s Takk…

(Pari and Jason via Instagram)

The couple: Pari and Jason
Live in: Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Chinatown in Manhattan
Met: At an Artsy cocktail party in TriBeCa after they featured Jason on their site.
Love at first sight or slow burn? I felt something for Pari immediately and messaged her the next day. We met up a week later. —Jason
First sight. I thought he was wearing a thermal onesie, but unfortunately I later learned it was two pieces. —Pari
Your relationship spirit animals: Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith
Stay in and cook together or go out to eat? Jack’s Wife Freda for spicy margaritas and Greek salad, anytime day or night.
Three words to describe your partner’s style: Sophisticated, experimental and very elegant. —Jason
Dark, tough and architectural. —Pari
Valentine’s Day plans: The day will start out at Dia in Beacon, New York. It is our favorite museum within the United States. We had a very romantic long weekend there this past summer.
How you would style each other for the evening: I’m into the black denim overalls, nothing underneath. —Jason
Jeans, tank top, leather jacket. Simple. —Pari

(Nicolette and Ali via Instagram)

The couple: Nicolette Mason and Ali
Live in: Brooklyn and Los Angeles: We’ve recently made a bicoastal move, which allows us to experience the best of both worlds—the relaxed vibe and great weather of LA and the hustle-and-bustle and arts culture in New York.
Met: We met online and realized we lived in the same neighborhood, so we met at a local dive bar just a couple days after we first connected.
Your song: The one you can find us belting most often while driving is Beyoncé’s “Halo.” No, neither of us can hit the high notes, but we sure do try!
Stay in and cook together or go out to eat? Nicolette is a great cook, so we love being able to stay home and orchestrate an elaborate meal—but our favorite food is sushi, so we take advantage of any opportunity to hit up our favorite Japanese spots: Bozu in Brooklyn and Katsuya in LA.
Three words to describe your partner’s style: Bold, feminine, sophisticated. —Ali
Confident, cool, relaxed. —Nicolette
Valentine’s Day plans:
Valentine’s Day always coincides with Fashion Week, so every year plays out a little differently. Last year we celebrated in London; this year we will be in New York and will likely have drinks at our favorite cocktail bar, Hotel Delmano, followed by dinner at another neighborhood favorite, Bozu. We also hope to visit the Met, one of our favorite NYC museums, where Ali proposed to Nicolette.
We have favorite playlists that range from Prince to Nicki Minaj to The Supremes. Whatever it is, it’ll be something upbeat that we can dance to; impromptu dance parties are totally our thing.
How you would style each other for the evening: 
I would love to see Nicolette wearing one of her favorite black midi dresses with her Loeffler Randall booties, a leather jacket and red lipstick. She looks great in all styles, but black dresses with a bright red lip are my favorite! —Ali
My favorite looks on Ali are where she’s a little more buttoned up and wearing a jacket and tie, but I also love her in a simple chambray shirt and dark pants. She’s a bit more relaxed than I am when it comes to dressing, and it works so well on her! —Nicolette

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