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The Charm of David Yurman Arrives at

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate the online launch of David Yurman jewelry. The precious quality and exquisite craftsmanship of this fine jewelry and timepiece collection is materialized through the partnership of its co-creators—David and his wife, Sybil, a painter, who brings a collectible-art-like character to each piece.

Starting in 1980, David and Sybil have built an internationally desired brand crafted from the alluring and pulse-charging element of the cable, which David describes as life’s rhythm. Captivated by the iconic cable motif in David’s latest line, The Willow Collection, The Thread asked the New York-based designer and sculptor to shed some light on the enchanting grace of willow trees.


David’s poem reads:
Willow’s icy reflections / Dance on the pond / My heart becomes light again

Easy Elegance: David Yurman ‘Willow’ Five-Row Chain Necklace,
‘Willow’ Medium Drop Earrings with Diamonds &
‘Color Cocktail’ Ring with Stone and Diamonds

“I am constantly inspired by nature. The willow, both graceful and strong, is perhaps my favorite tree,” says the seasoned artisan, who conceived The Willow Collection after writing a poem during a moving walk through willow trees near the Yurman family’s country home. “Its romantic elegance never ceases to enchant, and I wanted to capture that essence in a new collection.”

David is intimately involved in the creative process of every collection, from sketch to finish.

Amazing Grace: David Yurman ‘Willow’ Five-Row Bracelet with Diamonds &
‘Willow’ Open Three-Row Bracelet with Diamonds

Ancient art and symbolism shape each design: In mythology, the willow is the tree of enchantment.

Sacred Beauty: David Yurman ‘Willow’ Medium Pendant with Diamonds on Chain &
‘Willow’ Pendant with Diamonds on Chain

Attract the attention of a loved one with David Yurman.

Qianna Smith