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Deborah Lippmann Brings Marrakesh to Manhattan at kate spade new york | Backstage Beauty

Deborah Lippmann assured Nordstrom national beauty director, Mary Nell Maddox, that the staid rules of fashion just don’t apply anymore. “You can wear white after Labor Day,” she insisted. “And you can wear red in the spring.”

Deborah LIppmann nails at Kate Spade

Photos by Masha Maltsava

To accent kate spade new york’s Moroccan-themed spring collection, Lippmann turned to crimson shades. “Inspired by the rose festival (Kelâat M’Gouna Festival des Roses), pretty soft pinks and burgundy colors seen in the carpets and textiles, and vivid saffron and blues spotted throughout the souks in Marrakesh, we practically witness the sophisticated woman strolling down the streets of NYC with a camel in tow,” enthused Lippmann. “I created a layered bordeaux, matching for hands and feet, to complement and contrast against all the rich fabric colors. The darker jewel tone dares one to be different for spring into summer, proving there are no more rules these days.”

Deborah Lippmann working backstage at Kate Spade

Deborah Lippmann backstage at kate spade new york.

Get the nail look from kate spade new york Spring 2017:

  1. Deborah contoured natural nails into a short, rounded shape using her Smooth Operator four-way nail buffer.
  2. To prep the nail plate, she exfoliated then hydrated the cuticle using her signature cuticle remover and cuticle oil. She then cleansed the nails with nail primer prior to base coat application to ensure all leftover debris was removed and the plate was clean.
  3. For the base, Deborah applied a coat of Gel Lab Pro Base Coat.
  4. Deborah began nail lacquer application with one coat of Cherries Jubilee, a full-coverage black cherry crème. Over top, she layered one coat of Lady Is a Tramp, a classic sanguine red, waiting 2 minutes to dry between each coat.
  5. After waiting 2 minutes to dry, one coat of Gel Lab Pro Top Coat was applied to seal the nails and prevent chipping. The Wait Is Over Quick-Drying Drops were added as a finishing touch to ensure faster drying time and a flawless finish.
  6. Hands and cuticles were massaged with Rich Girl SPF 25 hand cream and nourishing cuticle cream, respectively, for complete hydration.

Deborah Lippmann shades, Cherries Jubilee and Lady Is a Tramp

For the toes:

  1. Deborah completed the above before outfitting the toes with the same layered combination of Cherries Jubilee and Lady Is a Tramp. Then she sealed the toenails with Gel Lab Pro Top Coat and The Wait Is Over Quick-Drying Drops.

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