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Dick Page’s Painted Ladies at Zadig & Voltaire | Backstage Beauty

Paris is usually the setting for Cecilia Bönström’s Zadig & Voltaire girl. Frankly—pun unabashedly intended—if you were situated in as appealing a locale as the French capital, why would you relocate?

For Fall 2017, however, Bönström decided to plop the Parisian in NYC. This was achieved through athletic silhouettes and primary hues interspersed among lots of black—a color appropriate for any metro.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

Dick Page, Shiseido artistic director, countered with his specialty—luminous skin—and pretty pops of color on the eyes and lips. The effect was energetic and youthful, like a newcomer looking wide-eyed at the shiny Big Apple.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

“This season’s collection was full of energetic, bright hues. To complement that, I created a makeup look featuring interventions of color—similar to the way you would accessorize clothes—to bring a cohesive believability to the vibrancy of each style,” said Page about the beautiful faces he created for the Zadig & Voltaire show

Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page describes the Zadig & Voltaire look:

Dick Page backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

1. To achieve this bold eye look, Inkstroke Eyeliner in Kuromitsu Brown  (new for fall) was applied to the top and bottom lash lines with the Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush (new for fall) and blended into lashes.

2. A highly pigmented wash of red, yellow or white color was smudged horizontally from the top lash line to the crease. Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Mist can be used to achieve a look similar to the bold white shown in the image here.

Backstage at Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2017

3. Page filled in the brows using dark brown shades, such as the Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Leather, and the Eyebrow Styling Compact in the shade best suited for each model before applying hairspray to a brow brush and brushing up to set.

4. Rouge Rouge lipstick in Rouge Rum Punch was applied to the inner center of the lower lip and blended out, resulting in a subtle hint of natural color.

5. For a light flush, Rouge Rouge lipstick in Rouge Rum Punch was also smudged on the apple of cheeks and blended to a soft pink.

6. Skin was kept clean and Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Foundation was applied to skin to even tone when necessary.

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—Britt Burritt