So Charming: DIY PANDORA Jewelry

The Thread blog editors recently teamed up with PANDORA for an improv photo shoot featuring a grand assortment of charm jewelry for every occasion and style. A prismatic garden at a private residence in the Pacific Northwest provided the ideal backdrop to capture why we adore this uniquely personal kind of wrist-wear. Get ready to discover the many charmed possibilities of PANDORA.

“What girlie-girl doesn’t live for pink and hearts” says Senior Blog Editor Qianna Smith. “When I was putting this charmed combination together, I couldn’t stop thinking of my best friend. We always end each text message with ‘I ♥ you.'”

IYou: PANDORA ‘Love’ Murano Glass Charm & PANDORA ‘Unforgettable Moment’ Dangle Charm

“Donning a stacked wrist is so on trend for summer,” Qianna continues. “I love piling on a few chunky bangles with a few dainty bracelets. Having the ability to mix and match these PANDORA charms allows you to create a very uniquely YOU statement. And as you can see, I’m going for the urban jungle look.”

Animal Factory: PANDORA ‘Lovestruck’ Heart Charm (center) & PANDORA Animal Print Murano Glass Charm

“A PANDORA bracelet would make an excellent gift for my mom (who’s also a grandmother now many times over),” says Blog Editor Jeff Powell. “I think so many mothers would love these charms. What a pretty way to show her how much she’s loved whenever she puts it on.”

Mom & Me: PANDORA ‘Grandmother’ Dangle CharmPANDORA ‘Mom’ Charm, PANDORA ‘Faceted Beauty’ Murano Glass Dangle Charm in Pink, PANDORA Heart Charm & PANDORA ‘Piece of My Heart’ Dangle Charm

“I like a playful touch sometimes,” adds Jeff, “and these little guys fit the bill. The cute queen bee and shuttlecock would serve as reminders not to take life too seriously and have at least a little fun every day.”

Symbolic Style: PANDORA ‘Queen Bee’ Charm, PANDORA Textbooks Charm & PANDORA Badminton Birdie Charm

A Charmed Life: PANDORA ‘Faceted Beauty’ Murano Glass Dangle Charm in Black (center) & PANDORA Animal Print Murano Glass Charm in Bengal Tiger

Inspired? All you need is a PANDORA Charm Bangle Bracelet to get started and a little imagination.

—Photos by Jeff Powell