DJ Jayda Guy Uncovers Vancouver’s Vibes and Clubs

If you needed a personification of Vancouver’s practical-meets-cool aesthetic that person might be student scientist and DJ Jayda Guy. During the day, Guy pursues research in environmental toxicology at Simon Fraser University. At night you might spy her spinning at the city’s clubs; her playlists are as eclectic as her fashion.

Before our exploration of Vancouver’s stylish and knowledgeable citizens comes to its culmination Friday, September 18, with the opening of our new Nordstrom store—hooray!—we wanted to sit down with Guy to hear what makes a good sartorial and musical mix.

Jayda Guy


What three words would you use to describe Vancouver style?

Sporty, eco, casual.

What would you do with 24 hours in Vancouver?

I would probably lounge at “Kits” Beach or take a hike in Lynn Valley, go record digging at Beat Street and then have drinks and food at the Alibi Room. That would definitely be a perfect day!

What’s your favorite Vancouver hot spot at the moment?

The Projection Room is an awesome little spot upstairs at Fox Cabaret. It has great drinks and always fantastic local DJs playing.

How would you describe your sound?

Very funky and soulful. I play a lot of house music as well. I am always looking to bring up the energy of the room with a positive vibe.

What record do you rely on to get the party started?

I usually throw on “Let No Man Put Asunder” by First Choice. It always gets everyone dancing and into the groove.

Do you have a favorite Canadian band or artist?

My favorite Canadian artists are the Pender Street Steppers. They are a local group here in Vancouver that always produces excellent-sounding tracks. I am a huge fan.

Jayda Guy


Do you have a way to unwind after a long night out?

I love going for a peaceful night drive by Spanish Banks Beach on Marine Drive. It is absolutely beautiful and offers a fantastic view of the city.

What are your top three items of clothing?

My silk cream camisole, high-waist dark denim jeans and my long black linen duster. I absolutely love these items and wear them all the time. 

Are there any current fashion trends you’re excited about?

Overall, I am really into the comeback of the ’90s with crop tops, dark-red lips, Dr. Martens and platform shoes. So into it!

There’s plenty more Vancouver coverage now and to come. So check back often and visit our new store in Pacific Centre on September 18.