The Infinity of Donna Karan x The Glamourai

The Glamourai’s Kelly Framel models the Infinity Dress for the second installment of her insider look at Donna Karan.

I will always invest in items that can truly be worn in multiple ways, and this dress fits that description better than anything I’ve ever seen. Just as the four classic elements encompass all aspects of existence, so this dress can be worn anywhere and any way you can imagine. While the possibilities are truly limitless, I chose to style it in the four ways I felt best represented the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


FIRE is the energy and nobility of the cosmos, the element of creativity and inspiration, of passion and transformation. It is a dress no longer encumbered by neckline, instead worn in strapless simplicity, wrapping thrice around the body in the quintessence of red-hot heat.

WATER runs deep; it is the element of emotion, intuition and love. It is romantic, sweetheart sleeves spilling smoothly over the shoulders, as effortless and serene as a softly sparkling sea.

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Timeless. Versatile. How do you wear your Donna Karan Matte Jersey Infinity Dress?

Shot on location in Montauk, New York, by photographer James Katsipis in collaboration with Donna Karan New York and Nordstrom.