Via C Spotlight: EACH X OTHER

Designer Ilan Delouis and Creative Director Jenny Mannerheim are the masterminds behind EACH X OTHER, a European collective of artists fusing androgynous motifs with Parisian-chic design techniques. From musicians to poets to filmmakers, this collaborative fashion brand encompasses a community where art inspires fashion and fashion questions art.

Jenny takes The Thread on a journey into the forward-thinking world of EACH X OTHER.

On being a community of thoughts and ideas: “We have a studio in Paris, a three-story building. It’s like a house, or what we call an artists’ factory. The idea is to connect people that love art with the performance side of it, the creative side. It’s more about the development of thoughts, and the philosophy, than about the aesthetics. We’re celebrating tension and different cultures coming together and becoming something else.”

On the EACH X OTHER brand statement: “It’s a poem by Robert Montgomery and says, ‘The city is wilder than you think and kinder than you think. It is a valley and you are a horse in it. It is a house and you are a child in it. Safe and warm here, in the fire of each other.’

“We’re trying to reflect these words in our clothes. For example, an old couture house in Paris is called a maison. We’re building a house and our shopper is the child in it. Fashion should be something the shopper can play with. It should be serious and strict in the tailoring quality, but the look should be fun.”

On why September is a big month for the brand: “We’re opening a store in Paris this coming September, where you’ll find the whole concept of a maison (house) and being a child in it. Ilan and I are also preparing for our first New York Fashion Week press event.”

On why women relate to their masculine point of view: “I think it’s because women can find equality in the concept. Coco Chanel made trousers popular during the war and jeans exploded on the runway in the ’90s, so this idea of borrowing from the boys is definitely not new.

“When we describe our clothes as androgynous, we’re referring to the Greek mythology of this word, andro for man and gyne for woman. The mythology is that in the beginning there were two neutral souls and then they became man and woman. I think women like the idea that we share, we have a common wardrobe, a common identity. But then a woman can be feminine and a man can be masculine or a bit of both.”

On selecting artists to collaborate with: “Most of the artists we work with are interested in general culture like literature, poetry and art history. Jeremy Kost, who helped us design the ‘Polaroid’ Mesh Inset Tee, is a collagist and collector of paintings. You can see references to Warhol and other artists that have been working with Polaroid. Alessandra d’Urso worked with us on the ‘Beautiful Mess’ Silk Sleeve Sweater and she has a background in poetry. We try and connect artists that also know each other.”

Enter the house of EACH X OTHER.

Qianna Smith
Photos courtesy of EACH X OTHER & Paul Blind