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Early Fall Essentials, Including the Rare Combo of Shorts & Long Sleeves


Photos by Steven Patenaude; modeling by Sean O’Leary AKA DJ Soffos, check him out

There are a million reasons to get excited about early fall: football on TV, whiskey makes a comeback, there’s less perspiration on your bike ride to work, your ancient, rusty truck starts to match the foliage…. And you can finally start to wear most of your clothes again. As our Studio N stylist Morgan Dillon puts it:

“Early fall is the beginning of sweater weather, a time to break out layers and jackets. It’s also a time to make some rare outfit combinations. For example: shorts with long sleeves, one of my all-time favorite looks.”

Shop these outfits Morgan put together and be inspired to get creative with early fall dressing. You got this. Note that all the shoes pictured here are by Common Projects, a designer brand that we sell only in stores, with some exceptions. Call us at 1.888.282.6060 to see which colors and styles are available or to place an order over the phone.

SHOP: all men | Calibrate sweater (available Nov. 1; this chunky Vince sweater would also work perfectly here) | ACNE Studios shorts | ACNE Studios coat


Now’s the time to buy a topcoat and wear it every day for the next four months. This slightly formal garment doesn’t clash with casual clothing, so you can wear it with anything, and it has the effect of making you seem instantly put together. Some styling notes: as the season gets colder, this same outfit would look great with a hoodie or a turtleneck instead of the T-shirt. About pastel colors: while we already told you the rules about how to wear pastels, they are not hardcore rules. Pastels with white is always a pro move, but pastels worn with predominantly black or navy outfits can look amazing if you don’t overdo it. It’s a bolder idea. The pastel color makes a contrast statement against a dark background. If you don’t want to make that kind of statement, no pressure.

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Shorts-and-long-sleeves is the dream. Such a liberating pairing. Your legs are free, your torso is cozy. Maybe you can have it all! It just works. But it can’t be too cold out. Nor too warm. It’s that in-between kind of day when this outfit makes the most sense; you’ll know it when you feel it.


The three-quarter-length raincoat: not just for rainy days. Wear it for style. Stutterheim coats have a nice, rubbery texture that is pleasing to the touch and to the eye, with a matte finish. People will want to touch your coat. Prepare for that. It’s technically a thin layer, but a pretty unbreathable one that traps your body heat. Take that as good news. It’s an efficient way to warm up. So you’ll look good, stay thawed and obviously, if it rains, you’re covered.

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—Andrew Matson