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Eatstrology: Food-Focused Horoscopes From the AstroTwins | Pop-In@Nordstrom Eats


In conjunction with Pop-In@Nordstrom Eats–the ongoing kitchen and pantry edition of our pop-up shop, curated each month by VP of Creative Projects Olivia Kim–our favorite astrologers kicked in these amazing culinary horoscopes, the AstroTwins (Tali & Ophira Edut).

Believers and skeptics alike: prepare for uncanny descriptions of how you approach food, by astrological sign.

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Aries: Adventurous, daredevil Aries like to play with fire—and that spirit extends to their kitchen game. They’ll happily flip the burgers on the good old-fashioned charcoal grill or experiment with roasting more complex dishes over an open fire. Mars, their ruling planet, governs metal objects, so learning some professional knife skills can turn the Ram into an Iron Chef. Hand this sign the crème brulee torch because an Aries with a sweet tooth can make a great “flambé” style dessert. When it comes to their palate, this sign likes to spice things up with everything from sriracha aioli to a scorching habanero sauce. But they can also be creatures of habit with their eating too, autopiloting to the same favorite dish over and over (and over) again.

Taurus: Table for two at Le Cirque, French Laundry…or maybe a food and wine tour through Tuscany? When it comes to epicurean affairs, decadent Taurus will spare no expense. As the zodiac’s sensualist, pleasing the taste buds is one of this sign’s great joys. While the Bull can be an experimental eater at times, there’s also a meat-and-potatoes ethos here. Sure, they may be sampling dry aged Porterhouses and sipping award-wining regional grapes, but life is too short to be wasted on a mediocre melange. As cooks, they are persistent, knowing that practicing a recipe (over and over again) is the way to make it perfect. Forget about racing away from the table if you’re dining with a Taurus. They like to take their time, savoring the complexity of each flavor that passes over the various regions of the mouth—and they’ll probably have some food trivia to share while you’re noshing away.

Gemini: Want to know about the latest restaurant or bar opening—before the press release has even circulating? Gemini’s got it dialed in. And they will happily tell you about the joint…AFTER they’ve earned the bragging rights of sampling it with an elite cadre of tastemakers. They’re ruling planet Mercury bestows them with a journalistic curiosity and intrepid spirit. As such, Gemini can be like a walking cultural guide, always eager to try the latest, buzzworthy venue. Experimental eaters, they are fearless about tasting the rare and exotic items on the menu. As the sign of the twins, they are masterful at pairings, from wine and cheese to a selection of finger foods coupled with elaborate dipping sauces. Social butterflies to the core, the guest list at a Gemini cocktail or dinner party will always be a medley of fascinating folks!

Cancer: Dreaming of mom’s pot roast or grandma’s strawberry-rhubarb pie? That family recipe has no doubt been whispered into Cancer’s ear. This traditional, nurturing sign loves to keep nostalgia alive—and what better way than through the taste buds? Ruled by the soulful, sensitive moon, eating is an emotional experience for this sign. Bring on the comfort foods, like chicken soup and mac n’ cheese. Many Cancers are blessed with serious skills in the kitchen, and are excellent hosts who will send dinner guests home with a delicious bag of leftovers. But even the cooking-challenged among this sign have a killer caterer and takeout selection punched into their contact database— and they have a nose for finding great restaurants too. With their love of the past, a bar that serves Jazz era cocktails is also a great place to catch up with your Cancer pals. Round of Sidecars, please!

Leo: Break out the goblets, fancy china and colorful tablecloths. Leo is the zodiac’s royal so why shouldn’t every meal be a feast fit for a king or queen? This sign loves a little pomp and circumstance, which extends to the presentation of the food. An artistically plated dish will quickly wind up on their Instagram feed. Dining with a Leo is always a photo opp, so wear something fun and smile for the camera. Generous souls, don’t be surprised if Leo picks up the tab on the sly. And they’ll spare no expense when entertaining you in their home. Rich foods are their weakness but many Leos also have a sweet tooth. No skipping dessert! Dinner theater was probably invented by the zodiac’s lion, combining two of their favorite pastimes into one: great food and live entertainment.

Virgo: Pass the magnifying glass! Virgo is the zodiac’s purist, so you’d better believe they’re reading the fine print of every label. This sign understands the basic culinary tenet that starting with high-quality ingredients will guarantee a far finer outcome to every dish one prepares. As an earth sign, Virgos love to wander through an organic farmer’s market or ogle the tantalizing produce display at a haute grocery store. Cooking with fresh ingredients is their specialty—extra virgin olive oil from the finest importer would be a great gift for the Virgo host. Ruled by frenetic Mercury, they are prone to stress, so should keep a selection of calming teas handy and avoid foods that are sugary or overly caffeinated.

Libra: Light the candles, cue the ambient playlist. Romantic Libras love to set a multisensory atmosphere before sitting down for a meal. With decadent Venus as their ruling planet, they adore rich foods with complex flavors. Bring on the cream sauces, Hawaiian salts, and artisanal chocolates. As the zodiac’s gentle pacifists, many Libras are vegetarians (from childhood, even). They also love to look their best for as long as possible, preferring to munch on healthy superfoods that amplifies their glow like nuts and seafood high in omega oils and vitamin-rich, dark, leafy greens. Social butterflies to the core, Libras are the friends who you can text at most any hour to come meet you for a drink or a snack. But don’t call them if you’re in a hurry, as this sign loves to linger over dinner conversation and literally savor every bite.

Scorpio: As the zodiac’s detective, Scorpio has a natural culinary curiosity. The more daring among this sign might sample the rattlesnake steak, reach for exotic fruits or search in earnest for “umami,” the secret, savory fifth flavor. But their sleuthing skills are also helpful for scouting out authentic hidden gems like a tiny Turkish restaurant where the mother cooks and the son serves, or a Southern barbecue stand with insane sauce. In the kitchen, Scorpios can be quite the creative ones. This seductive sign adores cooking with spices (the more unheard of, the better) and even tantalizing with foods that have aphrodisiac qualities. But mood and atmosphere are everything. Flickering candles, ambient lighting, rich aromas and beautiful people will take any meal from sufficient to sublime, as far as Scorpio is concerned.

Sagittarius: Ask a Sagittarius what their favorite food is and they’ll probably reply, “from which country?” As the sign of the traveler, these global tasters love to sample fare from far-flung corners of the world. They are experimental eaters and cooks; their pantries are often filled with everything from truffle oils to tasting vinegars to Turkish coffee. Fusion food was made for Sagittarius amd they’ll liberally blend ingredients from different regions into a delicious masala. Symbolized by the Centaur, this sign may enjoy hunting—literally or metaphorically as they scout out rare ingredients or tucked away bistros. Ruled by Jupiter, the mythological god of the feast, Sagittarians love to entertain. This sign can throw a legendary dinner party! Save your appetite and plan to leave stuffed.

Capricorn: Pass the salad tongs! Earthy Capricorn is a “natural nibbler” who loves to dine on the freshest bounty. There’s a good chance they’ll surprise you with a bundle of kale or a bushel of tomatoes that they grew in their own gardens. Dining al fresco is also one of their favorite things, whether sipping the local grape at a winery or having a picnic in the park. Want to get in good with this sign? Surprise them with reservations at a farm-to-table restaurant or sign them up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription so they have a box of locally-grown produce delivered to their doorstep each week. Practical and hardworking they crave healthy food that they can grab on the go like wrap sandwiches, sushi rolls or a Bento box.

Aquarius: Kitchen…or culinary lab? Aquarius is the zodiac’s mad scientist with a quirky sense of humor to boot. They love drinks that steam with a cube of dry ice and dishes that can be lit on fire with a dash of brandy. Another Aquarius specialty is baking. This sign that has the patience to hover over a candy thermometer or snatch a pan from the over with precise, perfect timing to create the fluffiest of pastries. Ruled by communal Uranus, “never eat alone” is the Aquarius mantra. You might just meet one of these friendly, fascinating folks sitting at the bar with a book or gathered with a lively group around a restaurant’s ten top. The more, the merrier!

Pisces: Pisces is the enchanted epicurean of the zodiac so forget about putting anything pedestrian on this sign’s plate! Foods that shimmer and sparkle? Now we’re talking. Pour that French champagne or fill every glass in the house with bubbly Italian soda. Ruled by fantasy-fueled Neptune, Pisces are imaginative cooks who love to sneak in a secret, or unexpected, ingredient like wasabi mayo or pink Himalayan sea salt. Speaking of the sea, Pisces will happily meet for an iced tray of oysters or omakase at a raved-about sushi joint. Bonus if dressing up is part of the plan—anything to makes the experience just a little more fanciful is right up Pisces’ alley.