Eddie Borgo Rocks

Award-winning jewelry designer, aesthete, armchair archaeologist and post-punk revivalist Eddie Borgo could easily be tagged a Renaissance man. But after hanging out with the engaging, earnest, real-deal Eddie, we’re simply saying he rocks. In town for a trunk show at our downtown Seattle store, Eddie parleyed on everything from ancient Greece to ’70s glam rock, his muses to his mom, and the perils of passing his baubles through airport security.

Thoroughly modern Eddie. “I always look at art as structure, and I’m very inspired by modern art and sculpture. One of my favorite sculptors is Richard Serra, and I also love Sol LeWitt’s work.”

Cone Bracelet in Silver; Richard Serra’s Intersection II at MoMA
(Image courtesy of MoMA)

Helix Link Earrings and Paradox Ring; Sol LeWitt’s Serial Project, 1 (ABCD) at MoMA 
(Image courtesy of MoMA)

Going underground. “For last year’s fall collection, I was inspired by the work of photographer Steve Duncan, who shoots subterranean environments in and around major urban areas.”

Pavé Link Chain Bracelet and Caged Nova Pendant Necklace; Steve Duncan photographs 
(Images: undercity.org)

Musing on muses. Eddie calls on his circle of stylish and influential friends—including fashion editors, stylists, designers, art directors and business owners—to model his collections. “These are women who are lovers of fashion, and more importantly, lovers of our jewelry—and all of them work. We want to connect with working women with jobs in the city, who invest in fashion and covet jewelry.” A personal thrill for Eddie was working with fall 2012 model Alison Mosshart, lead singer of his favorite band The Kills.

Borgo Belles: Eddie’s models for recent collections 
(Images courtesy of Eddie Borgo)

Fierce jewelry; soft heart. After Hurricane Sandy, Eddie created a special charm bracelet spelling out ‘New York City’, and he donated 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross Relief Fund. “We support many different causes: charities for abused women and children, cancer research, AIDS research—anything we can do to help.”

Mother knows bling. “My mom is one of the main reasons I became interested in jewelry. She collected costume and fine jewelry and wore it together, however she felt like it. She taught me that all those rules women have about not mixing gold with silver should just be tossed out the window!”

Eddie with our model at the trunk show; the glittering backstage array.
(Pieces pictured here are sold in select Nordstrom stores only; not available online.)

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—Stefanie Frank