Fashion Week

Emporio Armani ‘Water Lilies’ Spring 2014

Giorgio Armani crafts a colorful narrative for Emporio Armani‘s spring/summer 2014 collection—and reveals a point of view on lightness, inspired by the symbolic modernity of water lilies.

Enchanted by the great gardens of our time, Giorgio assumes the role of a painter, drawing upon floral motifs that allow his creative brushstroke to blur the lines between “realism and abstraction,” according to show notes.

The delicate nature of his designs are powered by technical fabrics, exposing clean lines and subtle proportions that effortlessly drape the body. Key statements take the form of a soft jacket combined with flared-ankle trousers.

Leggings create a second skin and are paired with skirts and dresses to give each look a sense of newness. The colors and shades involuntarily pay homage to French impressionist artist Claude Monet, who was enthralled by water lilies for a large part of his career.

Take your style into full bloom this spring.

Qianna Smith
Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani