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Everlane’s 100% Human Collection: A Champion of Human Rights

In January 2017, Everlane launched its 100% Human Collection in response to the visibly divisive mood of the nation at the time. For CEO Michael Preysman and the Everlane team, it wasn’t about being a Democrat or a Republican, it wasn’t about left or right; it was about celebrating the universal humanity we share across political spectrums, racial makeups, gender identities, sexual orientations—and, of course, geographic locations. It was about reminding all of us that human rights are everyone’s business.

“The idea of 100% Human was totally organic,” says Michael. “It wasn’t premeditated. We thought right at the time of the election, being a country so split between two different sides, that there was more need for unity.”

The team spent a few weeks mulling over the possibilities and eventually landed on a concept—a charity-minded collection of men’s and women’s basics, with proceeds going toward a nearly 100-year-old champion of civil rights and free speech for everyone in the U.S.: the American Civil Liberties Union. And while Pop-In@Nordstrom is currently carrying the ACLU lineup, the larger collection has since expanded to include additional installments, including Equality Now—an organization focused on women’s equality and opportunity—and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is dedicated to ending discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

“We wanted to build a campaign that really focused on those human rights and social rights values. The ACLU was sort of the ideal partner from that perspective. And then over time, we’ve layered stories in. Equality Now is just something we feel passionate about and the Human Rights Campaign was pertinent to the time when it was launched [during Pride Month].”

Since $5 from each 100% Human Collection item purchased—be it a T-shirt or a hoodie—goes directly to one of those human rights organizations, the funds raised have added up fast. As of September 2017, Everlane had raised more than $200,000 for the ACLU, another $78,625 for Equality Now and $100,000 for HRC.

No matter how we identify politically or otherwise, Everlane wants us all to be more human, together. Who can argue with that?

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