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Exploring Men’s Designer Pre-Fall 2016 Collections with the Guys Who Chose Them

Styles from our Men’s Designer pre-fall collections are now available on our site and in stores. We spoke with Designer Apparel Buyer Dan Drewes and Shoe Buyer Garrett Bean about key pre-fall pieces from Lanvin, Gucci, Belstaff, Jimmy Choo and Versace.


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We do these Lanvin biker pants pretty much every season, in some sort of new color or fabric. For fall, we have a stretch poplin and this grey check. They have details inspired by the world of cycling, with zip ankles, articulation around the knees and a reinforced seat. The Lanvin sweater is definitely a customer favorite; it comes in a crew, V, cardigan and turtleneck. It’s actually two different fabrics. If you look closely, the sleeve is solid grey and the body is heather so it’s a subtle tonal detail. We’ve seen more brands show turtlenecks lately. The nice thing about them is they’re a ’70s nod, but you can make them look really modern too. This topcoat is an amazing, tailored piece; the fit is perfect. The khaki color is a great option for fall since it’s so dark and rich; usually khaki is lighter. Especially after everything we’ve seen for the last three years has been black or navy, it’s nice to see some color without it being bright.

–Dan Drewes


SHOP: Gucci slides

Everything is exciting about Gucci right now. Their new creative director, Alessandro Michele, is continuing to move the brand forward with some fresh updates on traditional styles like these slides. This floral treatment is their “blue bloom” print and is a common theme throughout the fall ’16 collection. This may not necessarily be a new iconic print that will be repeated, but we should expect to see more treatments like these under Michele’s direction.

–Garrett Bean


SHOP: Belstaff pants | Belstaff sweater | Belstaff jacket

What we get from Belstaff are all these utilitarian details that work from a fashion perspective and an actual motorcycle perspective. The zip pocket on these pants is for when you’re on your motorcycle, because your leg’s going up and down and you don’t want to lose your wallet or phone. You also have some extra seaming around where you’d expect to see wear, and the light wax adds durability. The sweater is a simple rib with a two-tone effect, which we thought was cool. Everything from Belstaff is soft, never itchy and generally very masculine. The jacket is a take on a Perfecto. If a guy likes a black leather moto jacket, he probably already has one by now. So we wanted to show this drab olive color, which in some lights looks brown. It’s one of those military colors that plays the border and pairs well with colors guys wear a lot, like black and grey as we’re showing here.

–Dan Drewes


SHOP: Jimmy Choo shoes

Jimmy Choo has been represented in our men’s shoe assortment for quite some time now. They add an element of luxury and taste to their timeless high-top silhouettes by utilizing prints and materializations such as crocodile, patent leather and glitter, to name a few. Aside from sneakers, Jimmy Choo is one of the best when it comes to formal footwear. They continuously push the envelope and take risks to deliver some of the most amazing smoking slippers that would stand out at any event.

–Garrett Bean


SHOP: Versace jacket | Versace shirt | Versace jeans

You know where we have amazing business with this brand? Pittsburgh. I don’t know if it’s all the black and gold or what. Anyway, this is definitely a 100% Versace look. The leather jacket is a really classic café moto style, with minimal branding and nothing crazy. We also like the way it tones down a loud T-shirt. The pant is regular denim with a subtle detail of faux-leather trimming. The black and gold on the T-shirt are iconic for Versace, and we don’t do those colors and ideas from anybody else so they really own that look. In recent years, we’ve seen Versace embrace looks that are classic to them but updated for a younger customer.

–Dan Drewes


SHOP: Lanvin shoes

This high-top feels very fresh coming from Lanvin and is meant to be clean and sophisticated. If you look closely, you will see four different textures: nubuck, smooth calf, pebble grain and suede. You will also see some perforated detailing on the nubuck overlay where the toe box meets the vamp. These slight touches add an elegance to what at first glance may seem like a basic high-top.

–Garrett Bean