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Fall Colors: Burgundy Part Two

Burgundy is a perfect color for fall and winter, worth considering in your outfits either as the star of the show (burgundy bomber) or in a supporting role (layered t-shirt).

For inspiration, check out these Levi’s Made & Crafted looks we shot near the High Line in NYC. The same day, we also shot pieces by wings + horns. See those images here.

Check out more burgundy below, along with information about LMC from Nordstrom men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes.

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What’s the difference between Levi’s jeans and LMC jeans? Is it easy to tell the pants are made by the same company?

Levi’s Made & Crafted is the premium version of Levi’s, and it’s also modernized with some subtler detailing on the back pockets.  You’ll see elevated base fabrics. Look out for the little Japanese or Italian flags on labels to show you where the fabrics were originally made.

Is the souvenir jacket a standard LMC offering? What do you like about this version?

No, this is a fashion piece. Souvenir jackets have been a huge trend and we thought this version, which adds tonal souvenir details to a classic bomber, was different in a good way. It’s restrained and elegant.

Why do LMC t-shirts feel so soft?

Cashmere!  It’s a small percent, but it’s there. Most people wouldn’t want to wear or pay for a full cashmere t-shirt. But a couple percent is all it takes to make these what we expect to be a lot of customers’ new favorite tee.

What struck you about the raw-edge trucker jacket when you decided to buy it?

It’s so ill! Ha ha that’s not a good answer. It’s just a really creative piece. They took a timeless jacket, washed it until most of the indigo was gone, chopped off the collar and then washed it again. It feels vintage, it feels a little ’90s, it feels a little punk–it’s firing on all cylinders and you can wear it a ton of different ways.

Images: Laine Bowen

Stylist: Justin Av

Model: Soffos