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Fall Trend Report: Monochrome Dressing

Struggling with what to wear? Don’t know what to pair with that shirt? Some simple advice and some pre-K knowledge of color can get you out the door in style. Monochrome dressing isn’t as dull as it sounds. Really, it’s a simple tactic for looking pulled together. And one needn’t look goth or like you’re wearing scrubs. But there are a few key tips to keep in mind when playing in one palette.

  1. Your shoes do not need to match the other elements of your outfit in order to fit in. Ideally they will be a tone complementary to the rest of the look. White sneakers go great with just about any shade of clothing, black included.

monochrome22. If you’re going to rock entirely one color, be sure that there is some mix of textures or dimensionality, like a hood, zippers, drawstrings, lapels or pockets. This helps distinguish your outfit from pajamas or a hospital gown.


3. You might break up the monochrome with a subtle layer or a faint print in a like color. With casual clothes, a contrasting T-shirt won’t detract from the overall theme. Add a pop of print on a tie or pocket square to make a suit seem less uptight, more playful.

monochrome84. Dressing within a palette helps you easily look pulled together. Match your shades, like with like, but keep in mind what looks good on you. Neutral colors are the most flattering on most people. Brown, grey, green, tan or black will complement most skin tones.


5. Wearing monochrome doesn’t mean the fabrics need to match perfectly. In fact, except in the case of black, it’s better if they don’t. Find approximate shades of a color. Different tones create depth, which results in a more luxurious, interesting effect.


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—Stephen DeWilliam