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Fall Trend Report: the Bomber Jacket


Good trends don’t die. They endure, season after season, year after year. Sometimes they come back more developed, as in the case of the World War I flyboy uniform and early ’90s outerwear staple, the bomber jacket.

The style returned in a big way two years ago when it landed on the runways of Balmain, Salvatore Ferragamo and Phillip Lim. We haven’t seen the bomber craze wane since. Truthfully, we kind of hope it never goes off our radar again.

So here is our ode, in pictures, to a truly great jacket and some tips, in words, on how to wear one.


A relaxed attitude and relaxed-cut pants keep the look casual. Skinny jeans aren’t a “don’t” per se, but just require more care in pairing—and make you look like you play the guitar. Ask yourself: do I play the guitar?


The bomber’s cropped fit requires a shirt that will peek out just so from below. A sweatshirt that hits at the hip is the right length. Any shirt that’s longer could resemble a tutu. Ask yourself: can I pirouette?


What can you do? Look cool? Not good enough, but it’s a start. The bomber is the jacket of men of action—it was the chosen style of fighter pilots. So, ask yourself again: what can I do? Then pair your jacket with a shirt that’s in the same tonal family. Be decisive. This is your moment. Similar shades look good together.


Fit is key with the bomber. It shouldn’t be too large or boxy. It should feel snug but not be tight around your shoulders, upper arms or torso—even when zipped up. Ask yourself, what size am I? Don’t be too governed by this, however. Size doesn’t define you. Your jacket does.

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—Stephen DeWilliam