Fashion Week News: LVMH Finalists Include SPACE Designers and Heartbreaker Heroes

It’s not easy out there for a young fashion designer—can you think of a pursuit with more overhead, for example?—but organizations such as Louis Vuitton create a climate for making it work with their LVMH awards. Semifinalists for the 2016 prize have just been awarded, and we’re psyched to see some friends in the mix. 

A Koche look featured in our exclusive editorial on SPACE; designer Christelle Kocher is a LVMH semifinalist


In no particular order at all, here’s who we’re pulling for and a little bit on what they’re about. (Spoiler alert: All of them have their own streetwear angle, as do many of the 2016 finalists.)

Koche designer Christelle Kocher held her first runway show this past September with a dramatic but casual late night show, and this is actually the second year she’s been in the running for the big prize. Trading in blinged-out tracksuits, embroidered bra tops and extra-special textural, hand-finished sheaths, she runs her brand while also maintaining the creative director position at an embellishment specialist associated with Chanel.

If she nabs the prize, it’ll probably be because of that hard work and hustle, and for coming in right where street wear meets true luxury. 



A  Cottweiler look from our current Pop-In shop

+ The British brand Cottweiler is led by Matt Dainty and Ben Cottrell, who operate under tenants of simplicity and function, but their collections and collaborations are familiar mostly in the sense that our eyes are just always attracted to pure fabrications and classic forms. Since 2013, when their first full collection hit retail, they’ve been riffing on youth culture, rituals and the UK way of leading an exemplary street-sporting life.

If Dainty and Cottrell get it, their collaborations with artists like FKA twigs will probably blow up even more fantastically.



From Caitlin Price’s London Fashion Week presentation for Spring 2016

+ Central Saint Martins grad Caitlin Price is all about the day-to-night transition, but for girls whose night vibes are club-centric ballgowns you can play basketball in. Ruffles matter to Price, and so does skin. There’s definitely a feminine spirit in her work, but the overall look is about being ready for anything, anytime, with anyone.

If Price walks with the award, it’ll be further evidence that the ’90s supermodels-in-Alaia era is back to stay.

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—Laura Cassidy