Fendi’s Vending Machine at our Michigan Avenue Store

Karl Lagerfeld celebrates—brace yourself—5o years at Fendi this year. “Nowhere, even designers of their own [labels], no one lived long enough to do it for such a long time. And I am not tired of it at all. I even think I work better today,” the icon told the Independent in London.

fendi vending machineFendi’s Karlito bag charms available from October 15 to October 19 

When you’ve worked that long and that strong, you deserve to celebrate any which way you’d like, for as long as you’d like. Perhaps even with adorable bag charms crafted in your likeness and sold vending machine–style from exclusive installations around the world.

Get a sneak preview of this limited-edition collection here, and then visit our Michigan Avenue store from October 15 to October 19 to get in on the celebration.

No, you won’t need a bag of quarters to shop Fendi’s traveling mini shop; the setup mimics a vending machine, but the iconoclastic collectibles—hats, scarves, sneakers, bags and accessories—are available to touch, feel and try on for size.

Fendi Vending machine nordstrom backpack

Fendi Vending machine nordstrom cell phone pom

Fendi Vending machine nordstrom hat

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—Laura Cassidy