How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit (and We Don’t Mean Goggles and Water Wings)

Slipping into a swimsuit usually means removing layers until you’re nearly nude. But just because you’re baring more skin doesn’t mean that your style should be stripped down.

Body jewelry, as in bra chains, body chains and hand chains, is this summer’s standout in accessories. As seen in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, on style-setters like Rihanna and Bella Hadid, and on the season’s festivalgoers, these delicate and barely there embellishments trace the wearer’s silhouette, providing a pretty outline under and over clothes. Like body chains, charm bracelets, thin hoop earrings and beaded bangles also add a graceful touch to warm-weather styles.

Body chain

Here are some lovely and waterproof ways to accentuate your swimwear this summer. Whether you’re taking a dip, sunning yourself or making the rounds at a pool party, there’s no reason to be underdressed.

Body Chains

Meant to be worn under loose tanks and dresses, with lingerie or swimsuits, these subtly arresting accessories attract eyes and compliments. Body chains look best with bikinis or plunging one-pieces, fashions that reveal the parts of the torso or chest where the chains intersect. The lines of this Nadri Salome body chain highlight your curves, culminating in a sweeping finish over the lower back. Some wiry but big hoop earrings grab attention around your other sweet cheeks too.

Body chain

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Freestyle accessories

Beaded Bracelets

An arm of shimmery glass beads offers an easy injection of color when paired with solid suits. Pick beads that play off the tone of your swimwear—whites with primary colors, pastels with neutrals, metallics with black. Freely mix and stack them. Among the Alex and Ani beaded wrap bracelets, we added some sea-themed charm bangles to create dimension. If you do pile on the wrist accessories, our advice is to keep other jewelry minimal.


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Chain ring

Hand Chains

Just as stunning but subtler are wrist chains. Including both a loop around the wrist and one around a finger, these body decorations offer a slight shine in the sun. Perfect for a pool party where you’ll be raising a glass or shaking hands, hand chains are unobtrusive yet remarkable accessories. We added a simple pavé ring to the index finger and even a thin bangle for some extra sparkle with this Nadri crystal hand chain.

Chain ring

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 —Britt Olson