Friends in High Places: Our Stylist on Statement Earrings and KFASHION

“I love a statement ear, can you tell?” Keara Matthiesen is being rhetorical. Yeah, girl. We can tell.

As one of our key stylists, it’s her job to know when and how to add hot hoops and bold dangles. For the images in Pop-In@Nordstrom: KFASHION, Keara styled white kicks and fishnets with the best Korean designers—and then added colorful and blingy earrings that practically sing.

KFASHION looks from KUHO with earrings by Simone Rocha from SPACE, our shop for new and emerging designers.

They make killer statements for sure but you’ll notice that in very, very few instances do the earrings match each other. In fact, you see those acid yellow Simone Rocha shoulder-dusters above? That might be the only set in the whole bunch. We’re all about the idea of standout singles and mix-matching, and it’s a natural fit for rocking Korean fashion, where it feels really modern to get into clashing and contrasting.

“I love that there is this ready-made level of interest,” says Keara. “Like, ‘Why are you wearing two different earrings?’ When someone looks at you straight on they’re drawn in by the asymmetrical way you put yourself together. But with that in mind, I would say keep one element of your outfit simple and understandable, like the Yune Ho look above.”

Keara’s Quick Statement-Earring Hits:

Which ear? “Either one. Personally, I like the idea of it being on the left for some reason, but you can do no wrong here.”

What do you do in the other ear? “I think if you are making a statement with a single statement earring, go bare in your other ear. SPACE brands Vetements and Roksanda styled really bold ear statements this way on the runway and I think it provides a level of interest—like, ‘Did she lose her other earring? Did she forget it? Or is she just so cool she’s only wearing one?’ Let them wonder!”

What should we do about other accessories—bracelets, necklaces? “I think earrings are really having a special moment right now and I would skip other accessories here and there and just really go for the ear. I think the more ornate and the more bold, the more you don’t really need anything else—especially for spring. Being light everywhere but the lobes feels fresh.”

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—Laura Cassidy