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From Our Friends at Who What Wear: 4 Cool Ways to Style the Nike Sneakers L.A. Girls Love

Lauren Eggertsen is an associate editor at Who What Wear. As a huge fan of trending items, under-the-radar brands and timeless basics, she does not take the search for that perfect pair of sneakers lightly. Nike Cortez sneakers have everything she looks for in that ideal pair, and she’s about to tell you exactly why.

If there’s one sneaker I’ve noticed the cool girls of L.A. wearing as of late, it’s the Nike Cortez. But since the shoe is inherently quite sporty, it may seem a bit intimidating to style, which is exactly what I’m here to help you with today. I clearly love these sneakers (I own how many pairs now?), so, in an effort to remain somewhat unbiased, I decided to also bring you street-style images of cool girls around the world wearing them.

Ahead, you’ll find four of the most forward yet approachable ways to style Nike Cortezes. With outfit combinations ranging from floral dresses to statement trousers, my roundup has a look or a style tip in here for everyone, guaranteed. Basically, if there’s one pair of sneakers you invest in this season, I recommend it be these for their flattering shape, level of comfort and overall stylish qualities.

 Dress Over Pants

Photo by Christian Vierig/GI Entertainment/Getty Images

Wearing a dress over pants can definitely seem intimidating, so to start, I recommend keeping things within the same color family. To break up the look a bit, make sure one item, be it your dress or your pants, has a subtle pattern. The addition of Nike Cortezes makes the look instantly more approachable and, of course, so L.A.

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Statement Trousers

Photo by Christian Vierig/French Select/Getty Images

Why not make two bold statements in one via a striking pair of pants and your cool Nike Cortez sneakers? The woman in this street-style photo is rocking a pair of metallic trousers, but you can choose anything from floral wide-leg pants to pinstriped skinnies. When you mix the eclectic aesthetic of your pants with this classic sneaker style, you end up with one seriously cool look.

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Festive Florals

Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/GI Entertainment/Getty Images

One of my favorite looks will always be skirts or dresses with sneakers, especially Nike Cortezes. Since the shape of the sneaker is so sleek and flattering, you really lose no femininity whatsoever when you pair the style with a flowing floral dress or pleated skirt. In fact, the shoes actually make whatever you’re wearing on top that much more interesting.

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 Full Athleisure

Photo by Melodie Jeng/GI Entertainment/Getty Images

Not to save the best for last or anything, but if you’re going to wear sneakers, why not go full athleisure? I love the look of a tracksuit or sweatsuit with a cool pair of sneakers. No, this look does not work only for the street-style elite, as I have seen firsthand the women of L.A. proudly rocking hoodies, sweatpants and Nikes out and about nearly everywhere—even for a night on the town.

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