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Get to Know Mercedes Castillo and Shop Her Modernist Shoe Collection | NEW / NOW

The experienced industry alum sculpts an evocative new line inspired by midcentury design, modern art and global wanderings.

MERCEDES_CASTILLO-15587_bw_v1_sq-(1)Photo courtesy of the designer

To celebrate the rollout of her bold—and exclusive-to-us—shoes, we traded some missives with the decorated Spanish designer.

In three words, how would you describe your aesthetic?

Modern, bold, colorful.

What do you imagine about the woman who wears your brand?

She’s independent and imaginative; she has the confidence to be her own muse.

Tell us about your own personal style, and how you put together looks. 

I see ready-to-wear as a canvas for accessories, shoes and jewelry. I like to add a dramatic element and balance it with a more relaxed one to make it interesting and effortless. For example, a top with slightly exaggerated proportions, or geometric jewelry, juxtaposed with sneakers or casual shoes.


Where do you like to ideate? Where do you do your best work?

For me, design can actually happen anywhere, but when I’m designing at my best and happiest, it’s at a gallery or while I am traveling—while I’m being exposed to new ideas and experiences. All I need is my small black book and a marker (and maybe my iPhone!).

Was there a catalyst that helped bring you to this moment—the launch of your own line? 

Several developments in my professional and personal life brought me to this point, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be my mother. She encouraged me creatively and gave me the opportunity to train as a designer.

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