GIFT & GO! Olivia Kim’s Holiday Pop-In Picks

Our latest Pop-In Shop—GIFT & GOhouses sleigh-loads of gifts as unique as the loved ones on your list.

How unique, you ask? Think leather harnesses favored by Lady Gaga, blacked-out Rolexes customized exclusively for us, and 14-karat emoticons worth 1,000 words.

Keep reading for insights from Olivia Kim (Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects, Pop-In curator and resident wrap artist) on the treasures she hopes to find nestled under her Christmas cactus this holiday season.

1) ZANA BAYNE. What do Gaga, Gwyneth, Azealia Banks and Anja Rubik have in common? They all love Zana Bayne’s handmade leather harnesses—and so do we. Start slow with Zana’s belts and bags, or go full-torso with the ‘Hex’ harness (left).

Why do you love it? “I think that people are trying to find ways to roughen up their style a little bit—and Zana’s pieces look great with basic T-shirts, or I always wear mine with, like, dorky button-down shirts or poofy skirts, just to kind of offset the hardness of it. They’re beautifully made. She makes them all by hand. Part of what we do with Pop-In is try to introduce our customers to new things, and I think there’s something really beautiful about being challenged in how you push fashion. Also, they feel like hugs! The tighter you make them, they feel really huggy.”

How did you and Zana first meet? “The first time I ever heard of her, she walked into Opening Ceremony [where Olivia worked in NYC], she had this random piece of leather, this harness, and she walked in and was like, ‘I want to give this to Chloë Sevigny. Can you please give this to her?’ And that was maybe seven years ago. And I just love Zana—she’s gorgeous, she’s got this crazy, curly hair, dark-red lipstick. She’s just incredible, and so talented.”

So…Did you hand the harness off to Chloë? “Of course we did. And she was really excited about it.”

[Shop: Zana Bayne]


2) BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT. For our second collaboration with London-based Bamford, a cutting-edge customizer of luxury watches, we created five one-of-a-kind, blacked-out Rolexes with vibrant pop-color accents.

Why do you love it? “Bringin’ back Bamford! Last year, we did 13 of one style, and it was a huge success. This time, we wanted to really show the depth of what Bamford can do, so we decided to make it even more exclusive. We took five of Rolex’s most popular styles—the Daytona, the Explorer I, Explorer II, the Milgauss and the GMT—and they’re completely blacked-out, but with a really cute rainbow of hands and dials inside. There’s only one of each. We’re also engraving them with ‘Nordstrom’ on the back, so it’s a true partnership.”

We know that you appreciate a good watch. “I do. I love wearing a men’s watch. I just like the idea that it’s big and bulky, and I think it adds a little bit of a tomboy look to any super-girly outfit. A watch is such a statement thing. I don’t wear much jewelry besides watches, and I’m always changing out my watch.”

Should women buy these for the men in their lives? “I think that you can get a two-in-one! You can buy it and share it. I mean, they’re adjustable. They come with the tools to adjust them. It’s like two for the price of one!”

And how do you feel about a guy in a great watch? “SEEEX-AYYYY!”

[Our five custom Rolexes are located at Nordstrom Bellevue Square.
Call 425.455.5800 for more information. Model also wearing Helmut Lang Sleeveless Tunic Dress.]


3) ALISON LOU. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who sometimes feel better understood via text message than in real life. Designer Alison Chemla’s first collection, in the words of her website, is “a thoughtful and cheeky commentary on the expression of feelings—from the banal to the intimate—through the language of emoticons.”

Why do you love it? “Alison is one of our faves—the cutest girl from New York. Her necklaces are super fun, and they kind of take fun up a notch. They’re solid gold, and with all the rubies in them, they become like super fine jewelry. We did some lower-priced ones, too, that are more wallet-friendly. They’re enamel instead of jeweled. I can’t wait. I love these.”

On a philosophical note: Do you think the proliferation of emojis is good or bad for society? “I think emojis are great for our culture. It’s an expression, right? And I like the fact that it’s a visual icon versus words, cuz I feel like words and text can often be so misinterpreted. I mean, what could be better than heart eyes? It’s adoration, it’s love, it’s cuteness, it’s perfect. Who doesn’t want to receive that? I think emojis say more than words.”

[Shop: Alison Lou]


4) MEADOWLARK. This New Zealand jewelry brand (worn recently by Rihanna on the cover of W) lets you test drive the wild side without taking the plunge—their nose rings slip on and off, no piercing required.

Why do you love it? “These are such a cute, playful, fun way to look at what could traditionally be seen as like punk/goth jewelry. I think that because there’s such a fine element to it—everything has little diamonds, or is gold-plated—things that could typically look a little harder feel much more elevated. And it’s good, clean fun—no commitment!”

We heard you’ve been wearing one. “I was wearing the septum ring for a while! I wore it on a trip to Europe and everybody was like, ‘Oh, did you get your nose pierced?’ And I was like, ‘Yep!’ And Melia [from our Pop-In buying team] was like laughing in the corner.”

Sharing watches: Good. Sharing nose rings…? “Even better! That’s true love. Sharing a septum? I mean, it’s not even going into your nose. It’s just right there…the clean part!”

[Shop: Meadowlark]


…Did we mention we created a video game?!
Because part of a successful holiday shopping season is knowing when to take a breather (and reminisce about that epic ’80s Xmas when you unwrapped an NES). Click above to help Olivia grab gifts—and let us know if you beat our high score of 6200. #proudmoment



—Justin Abbott
Intro photo via @OliviaKim on Instagram.
On-figure photos by Robin Stein. Styling by Ashley Helvey. Model: Margaux Brooke.