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Gifted Giver: Nathan Rubin, Hermès Executive Director of Training

Hermès Carre at Nordstrom Seattle
Our Seattle flagship store recently received the happy addition of Hermès Carré, a little shop dedicated to the luxurious fragrances of Hermès. Just in time for Christmas season, this counter carrying lovely bottles of perfumes and lotions, scented candles and perfectly packaged soaps is a gift containing endless elegant gifting options—all like pretty orange nested parcels.

Nathan Rubin, Hermès executive directorWe took this opportunity to explore the Carré and to speak with Nathan Rubin, Hermès executive director of retail and training, about how to select a scent for someone and the perfect Hermès gifts for everyone on your list.

What makes a good gift?

I think the best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and personal. A great gift also reflects the personality and desires of the person for whom it is intended. Fragrance is a gift that perfectly fits all of these requirements but I frequently hear that people are hesitant to give fragrance as a gift because it is “too personal.” They are afraid they will make a mistake.

This is where the Hermès Carré can really help. Our staff are expertly trained and can help you pick a fragrance for someone if you tell them a little bit about the person you are buying for. Every perfume has a personality and a story at Hermès. We are experts at connecting people with our perfumes and making them at home at the Hermès Carré.

What are gift ideas for those lingering few on anyone’s list?

Le Bain Hermès is the new bath line from the House that uses the scents from our Garden Perfumes and Cologne collections. These products transform the everyday experience of grooming into an exceptional Hermès moment. The most popular product for gifting from Le Bain Hermès is our personalized soap trio. You can pick any three perfumed soaps, as well as their box design, for a totally customized gift.

Hermès À Cheval scented ceramic candle Another great collection offered at the Hermès Carré is Le Parfum de la Maison, our home fragrance collection. The collection debuts five new “daydreams” created by Céline Ellena, the daughter of our in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. The perfumed candles, which are crafted in porcelain by artisans from Limoges, France, are one of the most beautiful and heartfelt gifts one could imagine.

What at the Hermès Carré would make a great gift for:

Your best friend?

If you know someone really well, you know many sides of them. For this reason I would recommend our set of customizable Nomads. This is a collection of four travel-sized perfumes of your choice wrapped beautifully in an Hermès orange box and tied with Hermès ribbon. Each Nomad travel spray gives you the opportunity to try something new or take a beloved favorite with you on the go.

This exclusive service is only available at the Hermès Carré and makes an incredible gift. You’ll definitely impress your friend with your thoughtful selection of four perfumes that reflect their personality.

Jour d’Hermès Pure perfumeYour significant other?

Pure perfume paired with a body cream. This is the ultimate way to wear a fragrance, and people seldom purchase pure perfumes for themselves. At the Hermès Carré we offer our pure perfume purse sprays housed in the iconic Hermès lock. This refillable purse spray is available in silver or gold and can be customized with your choice of five different Hermès perfumes. When you gift one of these precious lock sprays, you are not only giving a perfume but also a true Hermès object that will endure through time.

Another great choice is our refillable leather sprays. These precious objects feature the famous Hermès “saddle stitch” originally used for the famed leather saddles. The leather sprays are available in two sizes and a variety of colors. All are created by Hermès craftsmen using the finest Hermès leathers. This is a great choice for a man or a woman who appreciates the quality and craftsmanship for which Hermès is known.

Your boss?

The boss can be tough to buy for. You want to give something thoughtful while respecting your professional relationship. Therefore I recommend the scented pebble from our home fragrance collection. This modern object is a great example of Hermès craftsmanship. The earthenware is infused with the perfume of one of the “daydreams” from Le Parfum de la Maison collection. The pebble can be placed in a room to perfume the space while at the same time serving as a decorative conversation piece.

Your boss can put it on his or her desk and transform a monotonous workday into something a bit more beautiful. Plus I always say giving your boss something in an orange box is never a bad idea!

Your host?

The ideal gift for your host is the soap set trio I already mentioned. The presentation is just perfect and it is a guaranteed win. If you want to be even more generous, pair the soap trio with one of our moisturizing face and body balms or hand and body washes from the Le Bain collection. Give your host the gift of personal pampering after they’ve worked so hard at spreading holiday cheer!

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