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Give Warmth, Generously: The Gift of Loopy Mango’s Macro-Gauge Knit Kits

Homemade sweaters as gifts tend to evoke the same disdain as a sticky brick of fruitcake. We envision handcrafted knitwear as ill-fitting and scratchy, in musty-colored yarn with multihued crocheted granny squares. But the ladies of Loopy Mango, a couture knitting company, have managed to shed this tired cliché with their trademark megachunky yarns and knitting kits. Dyed in candy pastels and Day-Glo brights, their woolly products yield creations that look like high-fashion cocoons.

Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher, the effervescent duo at the helm of Loopy Mango, merged their love for fashion and art with the DIY movement. Fashion devotees with a fondness for anything one of a kind, they’ve spent time on both coasts, curating eclectic goods for boutiques that combine vintage with new, practical with precious. Their love for needlework eventually led from establishing a small yarn section to a massive yarn line, which has appeared in Vogue and been used by knitting circles around the world. The whimsically large accessories even caught the eye of the late roving fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, a day the Loopy ladies call “a life highlight.”

We spoke with Anna about Loopy Mango’s macro-gauge designs, her favorite TV shows to knit to, their celebrity fans and tips for new knitters who may pick up one of their super-popular knitting kits–the Merino No. 5 for kids is now available in our holiday Pop-In shop.

Loopy Mango knitwear

Loopy Mango and Bill Cunningham

Loopy Mango in their MEGA-chunky Big Loop yarn creations with Bill Cunningham.

What is it about macro-gauge megachunky knitting that is so appealing?

A few things. Number one, of course, instant gratification. Being able to knit up a beanie in an hour, or a shawl, or an entire blanket in a matter of a few hours is immensely gratifying. Another aspect of its appeal is simplicity. Even a complete beginner can make a chunky knitted garment, because giant yarn and tools are much easier to learn on as opposed to a more traditional yarn and needles. Also the scale of this type of knitting elevates it to another higher level. It becomes not just craft but an art form.

Loopy Mango

The Loopy Mango ladies, Waejong Kim (left, in both images) and Anna Pulvermakher (right, in both images)

After a sweltering summer, what winter accessory are you most excited to have back on your body?

For me, personally, it is always a hat. I love to wear knitted hats, not only for the warmth but also for the look. And for Waejong, it’s a scarf and cardigan. It’s all about wrapping yourself in some chunky soft wool.

Kristyn Ritter in Loopy Mango knitsNetflix star Krysten Ritter (left, in a Loopy Mango shawl) has been knitting up a storm lately. Besides Jessica Jones, what is the ideal show to knit by?

Lately we have been hooked on The Crown, a perfect show to watch while knitting. Krysten is a big fan of Loopy Mango; she has knitted quite a few of our projects. We were fortunate to meet her in person last month during an event we held at The Little Knittery.

Lastly, do you have any tips for new knitters or knitters who have never tried working with larger materials before?

Don’t be intimidated. Big yarn and needles are much easier to learn—they will make your project go faster, you will make fewer mistakes, and you will better understand how the stitches work. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and practice as much as you can. Practice makes it perfect. Experiment as much as you can with needles, materials, patterns. Relax and have fun with it!

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—Cirilia Rose