The Rockers and the Jocks of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2015 Collections

Midi dress from Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2015Black is the haughtiest color. And yet, when it comes to actually getting dressed in the morning, it is often the most accommodating and unfussy. But do you want to be the dour person dressed in all noir?

You do.

For his Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Alexander Wang looked to goth metal. That translates to an absence of color, studded accessories, ball-chain trim and exposed zippers—plus operatic vocals over grunting baritones and thrumming guitars, but not really. Like the mishmash of opposing musical influences that characterize the rock genre, Wang’s edgy fashion elements are cut with luxury materials and neo-Victorian propriety to create elegantly tailored pieces sure to outlast any musical phase.

Take the collection’s wool midi dress, which has velvet striping that flatters and accents modestly while creating an inventive play on a classic shape with its metal embellishments. A studded silk and cashmere turtleneck sweater makes cozy badass—it’s what you’ll reach for most Mondays.

If you’re not the brooding type, maybe you’re more of a joiner, then T by Alexander Wang has you equipped.

T by Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2015This fall, designers played within the athleisure trend, crafting leather varsity jackets, French terry sweatpants and shirts, poplin shirtdresses and jersey tees. The palette here is more colorful but still mostly neutral or muted, with the occasional sporty stripe in a primary color.

This isn’t high school, however, and the athletic looks play well with the artier ones to create a well-rounded fall wardrobe.

If you’re in the Vancouver area today, swing by our Pacific Centre store to hear styling advice from Alexander Wang representatives in from the New York design headquarters. All departments (Men’s, Women’s, Designer and Accessories) will be represented while guests enjoy refreshments, shop and see the looks on models.

Even if you can’t attend the Vancouver event, Nordstrom personal stylists can help you put these fall collections together.

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—Britt Olson