GREY Jason Wu Goes to Hong Kong with Caroline Issa—Plus His Upcoming Capsule Collection with Diane Kruger post image

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GREY Jason Wu Goes to Hong Kong with Caroline Issa—Plus His Upcoming Capsule Collection with Diane Kruger

One of our favorite things about fashion is its ability to transport the wearer—in time (historic, seasonal) and in place (environment, geography). When we think of it that way, a dress seems like a small price to pay to be lifted out of our everyday existences whenever we choose. Wear a mod sheath and go to a galactic future, while a peasant blouse seems to occupy the pastoral past.

Jason Wu masterfully designs to send his customers on adventures. His sibling collection, GREY Jason Wu, caters to the modern city dweller, the kind of women he knows and regularly dresses. And the campaign for GREY’s pre-fall collection occupies a particular locale: Hong Kong, that Pearl of the Orient. For the shoot, Jason asked his pal and collaborator, Caroline Issa, to style the colorful, contemporary collection in the city’s retail-heavy Central district, largely on Stanley and Wellington Streets.

We spoke with Jason about his pre-fall designs and his upcoming collection with actress Diane Kruger (at Nordstrom in November!). He also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the Hong Kong shoot. We can’t wait to go.

Why did you choose to shoot the pre-fall collection in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s one of the most international cities—in Asia, for sure. I’ve always loved it. I was there for a conference and so was Caroline. And we figured, we had this great place to shoot, so we thought why not. It felt very organic. It’s not every day that you get to shoot in Hong Kong.

GREY Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2017

You shot on the street in Hong Kong.

So we went to an area where there are a lot of street vendors. Growing up in Asia, the one thing that I always loved was these markets. They are very, very popular in Asia. You can get fresh produce; there’s a butcher. Anything you want, actually, is available at these street markets. We wanted to really showcase the rich culture and experience that you get there, something that was recognizably Hong Kong.

What are some of your other favorite places in the city?

There are so many. At the Mandarin Oriental, they have a really good Chinese restaurant. You can also get this rose-petal jam there. There’s a place called Din Tai Fung that’s one of the most famous dim sum places in the entire world; that’s a must-go every time I’m there.

GREY Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2017

Did Hong Kong suit your collection?

Even though it’s pre-fall, the collection is not fall at all. It has a very light spirit and attitude: the cotton and silk dresses, the bomber. I think the weather in Hong Kong at the time was particularly appropriate to shoot this collection.

You collaborate with Caroline often. What do you lean on her to do? 

Well, she’s been my friend for many, many years. I love her. She has a great personality, style, eye and taste. She’s been a Wu girl for a long time; she wears a lot of my clothes. When it came to GREY, which is really a collection that’s inspired by my friends’ everyday wardrobe, I asked Caroline to style it because it felt like it would be a great match. I just see her in so many of the clothes.

Are there any other people that you’re collaborating with now?

I’m working with Diane Kruger on a mini capsule collection coming out in November for GREY. And it will be at Nordstrom!

Behind the scenes of the pre-fall shoot.