SJP Guest Editor: Shoes & the City

The Thread is thrilled to announce the long-awaited arrival of the SJP Collection, now available online and in selected stores! To celebrate the collection’s debut, Sarah Jessica Parker, her partner George Malkemus and the Nordstrom Shoe team have masterminded a special pop-up shopping experience in Manhattan’s posh SoHo neighborhood.

In her second article as guest editor, Sarah Jessica shares how the concept for the pop-up came together and why women come to New York (it’s for the shoes of course!).

Come Say Hi: I’ll be at the SJP NYC Pop-up today at 10am, Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 11am.

When we first started putting together the big battle plans on which Nordstrom stores were best suited for the SJP Collection, George and I offered up the idea of a pop-up shop because the Nordstrom flagship in New York City isn’t yet open. I have such a connection to the city, I was wishful that I could offer an actual brick-and-mortar for the women of New York as well as other cities.

Luckily, as so often happens with the Nordstrom team, they found a way to make it happen. The next big conversation was over the look of the store. It had to really satisfy two needs: It had to connect to the Nordstrom brand and be identifiable, in some way, as a Nordstrom extension but also introduce the SJP Collection and our aesthetic as well.

Because the Nordstrom team is so freaking talented, of course, they were able to beautifully marry these two ideas. They were the ones who did the reconnaissance and found three or four location options for us to choose from. They came back to us with lots of pictures, images, dimensions and data on street corner traffic. We ultimately settled on this wonderful 372 West Broadway location. First of all, it’s a corner, which is always nice—you get a lot of visuals and window space, which aids in creating a unique customer experience.

We partnered with the firm Neverstop to put our vision together, to really create, from a blank canvas, what we all wanted it to be. They’ve been incredible. They really brought in new ideas for retail and this concept of comfortable elegance that’s not too uptight.

We’ve been finding tons of vintage furniture to populate the space. It really feels more like the parlor floor of a brownstone, rather than a hard-core retail space. There are lovely couches, beautiful mid-century tables and vintage pieces. It feels like being welcomed into somebody’s home, which is a very nice way to experience shopping.

The colors are exquisite, and we have a beautiful wall of grosgrain ribbon. Neverstop has been really thoughtful and sensitive about details in the collection that are important to me and help tell the story. It’s been a very creative and collaborative process, as has my whole experience with Nordstrom up to this point.

Wearing my ‘Anna’ Sandal

When I first met Matthew, we lived about two blocks north and two blocks west of the pop-up. This was many years ago, before we moved to the West Village. It’s an area that I’m pretty comfortable with and know fairly well.

We shot much of Sex and the City in SoHo. A lot of those streets we used time and again. SoHo was one of those first Lower Manhattan spots that emerged as a very exciting retail hub, starting in the late ’80s. It maintained at that time its residents that were artists who helped shape the color of the neighborhood, while also attracting new and interesting people who were just discovering the area.

I have very specific and fond memories of time spent on those streets and, in fact, our cross-street area in particular. It’s a wonderful stretch of West Broadway and is the spine of SoHo.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood through March 2, stop by our pop-up shop on 372 West Broadway. I’d love to help you find your perfect pair of SJPs!

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