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Halloween Headbands for the Costume Non-Committed

Deciding on a Halloween look is no easy task, which is why we often take a low-key (but sporty) approach to dressing up. Because with the right accessories, your getup can bewitch party guests with minimal effort.

Below, spooktacular headbands and shoppable links to get you in the festive spirit. Happy haunting!


A Fairytale Affair

Embrace your whimsical side as a storybook character come to life. Trick-or-treating with little ones this year? Make the candy-hunt a magical memory as their enchanted unicorn companion or wish-granting fairy godmother.

Our picks:

Tasha Star Crystal Headband | Topshop Veiled Unicorn Headband | Twigs & Honey Gilded Leaf Headband


All Ears

Whether a coquettish kitten or sinister rabbit (or cuddly koala?), these charming toppers will instantly transform ordinary outfits without the whole kit and caboodle. It’s the easiest way to participate in all the Halloween goings-on, even if your planing to stay home and binge-watch the second season of Stranger Things.

Our picks:

Tasha Double Faux Fur Pom Headband | Cara Faux Pearl Embellished Cat Headband | Topshop Vinyl Bunny Ear Headband


Something Spooky

For a ghoulish twist on your favorite costumes, tap into your dark side. A gothic bride is the perfect guise for Dia de los Muertos, or complete your cat suit with some eerily cool animal ears. Your fellow party-goers are in for a ghastly, but glamorous surprise.

Our picks:
 Topshop Halloween Flower Veil Headband | Berry Cat Ears & Roses Headband | Topshop Bunny Veil Headband


Fit for a Queen

Your majesty deserves a celebration of royal proportions. Accessorize any fabulous frock with a gilded flower crown atop your sovereign mane and command the spotlight at your upcoming bash.

Our picks:

Twigs & Honey Woodland Flora Headband | Shinhwa Metal Crown Headband | Brides & Hairpins Kira Crystal Halo & Sash

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