Have Yourself a Very Topshop Holiday: How the Models Celebrate the Season (and What They’ll Wear)

Are you planning what you’ll pack for the holidays? Arranging festive outfits in your head? Coordinating which shoes will look cute with your dresses and keep you upright on an icy sidewalk?

We know you are. But you might want to save suitcase space for a few items from Topshop’s Holiday Collection. Glittering cocktail dresses, cool boyfriend jeans, slouchy sweaters, sexy minis, ruffled blouses and shiny booties can all play a part in your occasion dressing. (Put that list in your luggage and you’re almost set—just don’t forget undies and socks!)

Topshop holiday

To further inspire your preparations, Topshop spoke with its cast of international models about how they celebrate, what they wear and which movies they watch. Hear how Lottie Moss, Stella Maxwell, Marjan Jonkman and other lovelies kick back with their fam.

Topshop holiday; Damaris Goddrie

Damaris Goddrie

What does the holiday season look like for you?

In Latin culture you celebrate on the 24th and the 25th–one day I spend with my dad’s family, and then one day with my mum’s family. It’s completely different. With my dad’s Dutch family, we just have a dinner around a tree, we don’t do many presents. In Holland you don’t celebrate Santa Claus, it’s more about the family and singing Christmas songs. My mum’s Christmases are about eating lots of food, salsa Christmas CDs, and then celebrating with a bit of eggnog.

Do you see your friends during the holiday season?

If I’m in Holland I’ll always go out to see my friends.

Best present you’ve ever given?

Hmm…I actually can’t think of anything! My family is not big on Christmas presents because our Christmas Day is really on the 5th of December. It’s called “gift night.”

If you ask for anything, what would it be?

I’d buy a Vivienne Westwood Armour ring, or an old vintage collector’s item of hers–maybe an old-school vintage checkered skirt.

What do you wear?

If I go salsa dancing, I go for minis and high heels–very feminine and very sexy. But if I go out with my friends, I’ll wear shorts, a crop top and some sneakers. 

If you could spend the holiday season anywhere or with anyone who would it be?

I would love to spend it in Colombia–it’s supposed to be amazing.

Kiki Willems, Topshop holiday

Kiki Willems

What would you say the holiday season is a time for?

It’s a time for family, and also a time to be kind to everyone–a lot of people are alone so it’s important to help each other during the holidays.

What is your favorite holiday-season memory to date?

My memories about the holidays are always about spending time with family–going for a walk and playing board games and eating! We had duck for Christmas Day last year; we always have something different every year. Mum doesn’t make standard things, and she’ll always make crazy things like chicken apple pie…with curry! It’s so good.

Do you speak to your family a lot?

I speak to my mum every morning and every evening. It’s getting less now, but I always make sure I message her every day, at the very least.

If you could ask for a holiday miracle, what would it be?

I would wish for my entire family to stay healthy.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received or given?

Last year I gave my mum tickets to her first live concert–it was to one of the biggest jazz festivals. She spent three days in Rotterdam and loved it. Another time I gave her a hot air balloon flight; she said it’s always been her dream to be on a hot air balloon, so it felt good to give that to her.

What is on your gift list for this year?

There’s nothing I actually want this year; it’s got to be going home with my family. Some nice food and my boyfriend, which is unlikely because he spends it in Germany!

Londone Myers, Topshop Holiday

Londone Myers

Where will you be for the holiday season?

Last year I went to my mom’s place. We spend the holidays in D.C. I have three sisters. My family is really festive; they go all out every year.

What does your Christmas Day look like?

We’ll all sleep in the living room together and, when we wake up super early the next morning, there will be presents everywhere, ready to open.

Do you see friends when you go back?

The holidays are mostly family time since all my friends are back in Georgia. I’ll hang out with family and grandparents and their friends–whoever comes around, really!

If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I think the holidays should be [spent] at home–I don’t really like the idea of traveling around that time.

What do you wear when you go home for the holidays?

Ugly sweaters–I bought a sweater with a Pug on it and I love it! I have a zebra Christmas jumper too.

What’s most important about the holidays?

The season should be about giving,

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or received?

I got my dad a Ken doll once; he was expecting something else and he opened it and got that… it was funny! The trick gift went first, and then we gave him his real gift, a laptop.

What else do you do around the holiday season?

Help my mom cook; it takes two or three days to get everything out and ready because we have such a big family. Oh, and Elf on the Shelf–you take photos of the elf slowly moving closer to the tree. It’s pretty creepy but we have always done it.

Games or movies you watch during the holidays?

Every year the TBS channel plays A Christmas Story–we watch it, drink eggnog and play Monopoly.


Lottie Moss

What does a traditional holiday season look like for you?

We rotate them, so some years we’ll go to my mum’s family in Norway, which is more of a ski holiday. It’s cross-country skiing, so you just ski by yourself, which is really nice. It’s really cold and feels like Christmas. Other years, we’ll stay here and go to my dad’s family’s. Do you know how Christmas has smells? We always have that; it’s almost woody, and that smell is Christmas for me.

Do you get up early on Christmas Day?

I used to but now I’m a bit more like, “Yeah, whatever.” I think I wake up around 10am–that’s the earliest. I never go out on Christmas Eve. It’s a family night, but I’ve just turned 18 so that might change…

If you could invite anyone to your house for the holidays?

I’d invite all of my girlfriends, and all of my family, obviously. I think Barack Obama would be someone really cool to have Christmas Day with–he would be really funny. Or Adele!

If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world?

I’d like to spend it in a log cabin, somewhere really cute and full of holiday spirit.

Do you have holiday traditions?

No, we don’t really have any traditions. We always open our presents in the morning and then have breakfast. My mum will go out and buy weird little presents that we can wear–like a turkey hat!

What is your favorite Christmas to date?

When my grandma was alive in Norway.

How do you make your look festive?

I have reindeer earrings and lots of red.

What’s on your gift list this year?

I haven’t thought about it yet, but stuff for my flat. Maybe a new car!

What’s the best present you’ve received or given?

I usually get my mum spa treatments, but I once got her a Coach bag that she loved. I just love seeing people’s faces when they open presents I’ve bought them.

Do you get dressed up on Christmas Day?

I always wear red and dress festive. I’ve got holiday pajamas too, with reindeers on them!

Stella Maxwell and Marjan Jonkman, Topshop holiday

Marjan Jonkman

What is your Christmas Day like?

Spending it with my family, we don’t do gifts or anything. I split the days–I spend one with my mother and one with my father.

What do you wear on Christmas Day?

We stay in our pajamas, eating dinner and having fondue.

If you could choose to spend the holidays anywhere or with anyone, who would it be?

I’d love to go to a warm island; I don’t like the cold weather at all, but I really appreciate my hometown now that I travel so much. It’s boring but it’s actually really beautiful. I’m from a northern province called Friesland, and I understand the local language, Frisian, which many people no longer speak; even other Danish people don’t understand it. In New York I’m living with my Dutch friends, and they don’t understand when I speak to my family on FaceTime. It’s really weird!

No presents at all?

I don’t really care about gifts; most of the stuff I can’t take with me on a flight so it feels pointless.

Do you watch festive films?

Every year we watch Home Alone. Even though we’ve watched it a thousand times, it’s still so good.

Do you have a favorite memory of the holiday season?

Not really. We are always at home, so just spending time at home would be my favorite memory. We always go to church on Christmas Eve. I love church; I think it’s really fun.

Best present you’ve ever gotten?

I got a Baby Born doll when I was younger; I was so happy with it. I loved Barbies and all dolls. My sister wasn’t interested in it at all, and now she’s really girly and I’m the opposite.

Stella Maxwell and Marjan Jonkman, Topshop holiday

Stella Maxwell

What’s a traditional holiday season for you?

I usually go home for the holidays to be with my family. It’s very traditional; my parents live in Belfast so I’ll fly back there. Because I travel so much it’s nice to be home anyway. I still get a buzz from getting presents and still like to get up early on the morning of. 

Do you go out with friends over the holiday period?

I usually spend more time with the family and chilling out rather than going out.

Do you watch any holiday movies?

Yeah, lots of movies. We always watch Elf–it’s so funny.

What would be your ideal Christmas Day?

Probably on a beach, somewhere hot with friends and family–the polar opposite of what I actually do.

If you could invite anyone to your Christmas Day, who would it be?

Just close friends and family.

What do you think the holidays are a time for?

It’s a time to relax, and also about thinking about others instead of yourself. It’s about getting presents, splurging and spoiling those you love. It’s also a time to reflect, as it’s coming up to the new year, it’s time to look back on the year.

What’s the best present you’ve ever given?

One year I flew my parents out to New York for the holidays.

Do you have a favorite Christmas Day memory?

Pulling crackers at the table is always a highlight of Christmas Day. 

Do you go out for the holiday season?

Last year I went to my friend’s house and we had a Christmas party. It’s weird to have a Christmas tree or a Christmas party in L.A. but it’s kind of cute because I’m not from there, so I hop around to different people’s houses and everyone takes me in.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve spent Christmas Day?

New Zealand–it’s beautiful, you hang out on the beach and have a barbecue. It’s not a typical Christmas Day.

What did you ask for for Christmas this year?

I kind of have everything that I would want. The next thing I want to buy is a car, which I’d buy for myself. I always ask for perfume–I really like Le Labo; I love their collaborations.

Do you dress up for the holiday season when you’re at home?

I’m just really comfortable: T-shirt and trackies, nothing special. Last year I specifically went out and bought one of those vintage Christmas jumpers–disgusting but cute.

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