Here’s What Christian Louboutin Does In Mexico

“You only need to visit my house and see the stuff I’ve brought back over the years to know I really love the diversity of Mexican design,” says Christian Louboutin. “I love the embroideries, the colors, the pagan motifs of wild animals …”

Christian Louboutin with Mexicaba artists. All images courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

Isn’t that what we all do when we travel: Go shopping? Something tells us the Paris-based designer is extra good at it, though. “The heritage is so rich—from the indigenous side to the arrival of the Spanish to the mélange when those come together,” he says of the magic he’s found in recent trips.

But while so many of us can relate to browsing and buying our way through vacation, Mr. Louboutin took it to a whole new level when he engaged Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, an organization that helps craftspeople in the Yucatán Peninsula and works to empower Mayan artists. Through them, Mr. Louboutin orchestrated a collaboration with needlework artists and weavers to create a super-exclusive, handmade tote—the Mexicaba—that benefits the artisans as well as the foundation.

This marks the second time that the designer has worked with a community of craftspeople on a handbag project. Last year he produced the Africaba, in partnership with Senegalese embroiderers in Dakar. It was a union so good it needed an encore—in fact, each Mexicaba sports a small bag charm from the original African artists. The Louboutin teams calls this ongoing enterprise the Treasure Tote series, and we meant what we said about the Mexicaba, shown below, being exclusive. There are a number of ways you can wear it, but fewer than 20 of the bags in all of Nordstrom.

Each bag also features bead work by Mr. Louboutin’s favorite fine craftsmen in India, and further finishing touches are handled in Italy and France.

“I love what links these Treasure Totes,” says the designer. “The satisfaction that they give to artisans in Yucatán, in Dakar, in Paris—everyone who worked on their creation.” We love the line, too, and we’re psyched that the full-line Christian Louboutin handbag collection for fall ’17 was inspired and influenced by the collaboration. You’ll continue to see the Mayan influence pop up, with color and embellishments right through the holidays. Just in time to get inspired for winter travel.


The Treasure Tote series is not available online; please call 1.888.282.6060 for more information.

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