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Photo by Jeff Thibodeau

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How Influencer Gala Gonzalez Is Spending Her Summer (with Foreign Travel, Fashion, Food and Flats)

On Spanish style influencer Gala Gonzalez’s summer agenda: travel to 18 destinations, eat authentic Mexican food (in Mexico), lots of skin moisturizer, and French electro-pop. Throughout this, the Amlul blogger will be packing Gala sandals, designed by Pedro García. Her namesake shoes are just the latest in an ongoing collaboration between Gonzalez and fellow Spaniards Mila and Pedro García. “I have a deep personal relationship with them,” Gala says. “Also, I’m truly happy to spread a Spanish brand worldwide!” It’s an obvious fit for the fashionable brunette beauty who favors comfortable flats and fun times. “I feel very identified with their ‘think party, wear daily’ philosophy,” she says.

Where will you be wearing your Gala sandals this summer?

So far, I’ve been spending quite some time on the Spanish Mediterranean coast this summer, in Cadaqués, where Dalí used to live, a magical, beautiful little town in Costa Brava, two hours north of Barcelona. Ibiza and Formentera are also amongst my 18 summer destinations.

Gala Gonzalez

Photo by Jeff Thibodeau

What do you do on your travels? 

I love to get immersed in local culture: discover traditions, fashion and food. I loved Mexican flavors during my last trip to Tulum!

How are you styling the Gala sandals? 

They are perfect to wear with a more casual look, jeans to a little black dress. They are so versatile you can wear them from sunup to sundown, from a casual lunch with friends to a fancy dinner, or even a wedding!

Gala Gonzalez

Did you give input into the design? What did you suggest?

I’ve always loved Pedro’s “crystal classics” family of sandals—such an iconic group in his collections. For the Gala sandals, we worked together mostly on finding the right color combinations for both the satin and the crystals. There are so many different possibilities and subtle differences in tonalities. It was very interesting to see how colors have such a beautiful effect on such elegant materials like the silk satin and the Swarovski crystals, and how these can be combined in such an harmonic way.

Do you usually wear flats?

I’m a big fan of flat shoes. To be sexy and comfortable you don’t need to wear high heels, especially on those summer nights when all you want to do is dance with your friends all night long!

In the case of the Gala sandals, the strips that hug your feet make them really comfortable, and the cool and sophisticated touch comes from the hundreds of Swarovski crystals covering these soft silk strips.

What are you listening to this summer?

Currently, I’m obsessed with Lewis OfMan!

Pedro García