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How Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon Handles Stress

Amanda Chantal Bacon knows a thing about being busy. As the founder of Moon Juice—the high-vibe destination consisting of three L.A. cafés, plus a line of potent plant-based potions—she’s attracted a cult following, counted celebs like Gwyneth and Karlie Kloss among her clientele, and ascended to modern wellness stardom. No stranger to competing demands, she shared with us her tips for handling stress, and her knowledge of how plants can help.

Get into Adaptogens

Naming your sources of stress could keep you talking forever: emotional, environmental and physical, caused by everything from your work to your workout to your constantly buzzing smartphone. Enter: adaptogens.

“These super-herbs and super-mushrooms go into your system and start to change the stress chemistry, creating homeostasis so that your endocrine system can function highly,” says Bacon. (Read: they help you adapt to all kinds of stress.) Plus, they pack a one-two punch: while they’re undoing the damages of a crazy schedule, they also keep you energized. Unlike traditional stimulants, they’re not taxing to the system, meaning there’s no crash to brace for. These powerful properties are the reason Bacon formulated her line of powdered, ready-to-mix Moon Dust supplements full of adaptogenic herbs.

Make It a Ritual

To get the most from adaptogens, don’t wait until you’re on the brink of crashing: make them part of your routine, as essential as brushing your teeth. While they work day of, Bacon says Moon Dust adaptogens become infinitely more powerful taken long-term, added to your coffee, tea or smoothie, or to your favorite nut or seed milk. For the morning, Bacon recommends Brain, Power or Sex Dust. Sipping at night? Dream or Beauty Dust. (If you’re not sure where to start, the sampler box has sachets of all six.)

If you really want to do as Bacon does, make a weekly batch of nut or seed milk, which takes all of 10 minutes. “You get the plant protein, and it helps with brain function, metabolic function, energy and hormone production,” she says. Plus, the milk’s good fat helps your body fully absorb the herbs. Her chosen combination: pumpkin seed milk with Sex Dust, which she drinks in lieu of coffee.

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Meditate Daily

The final piece of Bacon’s stress-combating habits is one you’ve probably heard of before. Daily meditation helps her stay centered, and undertaking it isn’t complicated: “You don’t have to burn incense. You don’t need to wear mala beads. It’s as easy as turning your phone off, closing your eyes and sitting with yourself for 20 minutes.” And science backs up the benefits—studies have shown meditation decreases anxiety, depression and pain. “Giving your brain that deep restfulness and de-stressing does wonders,” says Bacon. Sign us up.

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