How To: DIY Paper Garland from Laurie Cinotto, As Seen in Our Catalog

DIY paper garland for holiday decorating

Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that our November Holiday catalog featured papercraft and garlands running throughout as a unifying theme. Since it’s the perfect time for a little festive DIY-ing, we got back in touch with the master crafter we commissioned to create these garlands for our photoshoot: Laurie Cinotto.

Laurie’s work is featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and a ton of other publications and blogs, not to mention her very own book. She was kind enough to take some time out of her full-time crafting career and herding cats (really!) to give us a simple tutorial, with step-by-step images that are here to help anyone create some DIY décor. Read on for her easy guide.

DIY paper garland for holiday decorating

DIY paper garland for holiday decoratingHow to create a six-foot holiday ball garland, from Laurie Cinotto.

What you’ll need:
Circle craft punch, 1.5” in diameter or larger
Plastic clips
Paper glue
Card stock in same or assorted colors or patterns
Baker’s twine

1. With your circle punch, cut 90 circles from the card stock. Fold each circle in half.

2. Take ten of your folded circles and glue them together to form a small, neat stack. Use a clip to hold them in place while the glue dries. Repeat this step to create eight more balls.

3. Cut a six-foot length of baker’s twine,  tie a loop at each end and lay it out on your work surface.

4. Take one of your folded circle stacks, remove clip, fold the ball open and run a line of glue through the core. Fold the ball closed around the twine.

5. Attach the remaining eight balls to your length of twine.

DIY paper garland for holiday decorating

Hang these garlands—with or without some mistletoe—above a doorway or side-table buffet. Or forget the twine and just strew these amongst your place settings for a unique tablescape to go with that tasty menu you’re serving from our holiday entertaining recipe series. You can also create a simpler version by sandwiching your butcher’s twine between two of your circles, glued together. Mix and match patterns and color palettes for other occasions and holidays. Possibilities = endless.

DIY paper garland for holiday decorating

DIY paper garland for holiday decorating

Our thanks again to Laurie for sharing this project and her crafterly magic! See even more inspiration and ideas, and get info about commissions and ordering her DIY Beautiful Paper Flowers book, over at Laurie Cinotto Art + Craft.

Jeff Powell