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How to Make An Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We peruse Pinterest with the furrowed brow and unshakeable cynicism of one ungifted at arts and crafts. Truly, we’ve hot-glued our fingers together more times than we can count on those sticky digits. Plus, who has time to experiment with handcrafting wrapping paper or blending teas when the holidays come around? Not us.

And yet … those personal touches are what make the season so special. Luckily, our friends suggested this simple centerpiece (they really get us) to give our Thanksgiving table a homemade but modern touch. In seven short steps, we made a masterpiece.

What you’ll need:

Pumpkin pot how-to
    • Pumpkin
    • Carving knife
    • A small circular bowl the size of your pumpkin top
    • Potting soil
    • 4-10 small succulents, depending on the size of your pumpkin
    • Large spoon (to scoop out the pumpkin)
    • A small pot as lining, if desired

1. Start by placing a small circular bowl upside-down on top of the pumpkin.
Pumpkin pot how-to2. Using the carving knife, poke holes into the pumpkin around the rim of the bowl.
Pumpkin pot how-to3. Remove the bowl and use the carving knife to cut a circle into the top of the pumpkin.
Pumpkin pot how-to4. Remove the top from the pumpkin. Then use a large spoon to scoop out all the seeds and pumpkin guts.
Pumpkin pot how-to
Pumpkin pot how-to5. Fill the pumpkin with potting soil. Or, if you plan to keep the centerpiece longer than a few days, find a plastic pot that will fit inside the pumpkin and fill it with potting soil.
Pumpkin pot how-to6. Remove the succulents from the packaging and plant them in the potting soil so they overflow the top of the pumpkin (or pot).
Pumpkin pot how-to7. For the potted version, place the pot of succulents in the carved out pumpkin and add extra potting soil to fill any gaps along the edges.

Pumpkin pot how-to

Cheers to your craftiness!