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How to Serve Up Lemonade’s Style

Like the majority of the thinking and feeling populace, we were floored by Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade, a beautiful visual and aural exploration of sorrow and forgiveness in intimate relationships and in American racial history. Her interweaving of a maybe-fictional, maybe-real marital infidelity with the tragedies that African Americans, both past and present, have suffered in our nation was mostly poignant, often furious and ultimately redemptive. When Beyoncé told ELLE magazine earlier this month that she wanted to create music to make people heal, she was certainly referring to this.

Beyonce Lemonade

Throughout the changing emotional and artistic terrain on Lemonade, Beyoncé uses her fashion choices to signify complex situations and reactions. From the swinging of a baseball bat in a cheerful Roberto Cavalli dress in “Hold Up” to her defensive Hood by Air fur coat in “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” and from the taunting apathy of her twin hair braids and deuces up in “Sorry” to the romantic Victorian dresses by Givenchy, ruffled shirt by Rosie Assoulin and the “Formation” Gucci red dress, Beyoncé’s fashion choices were evocative, careful and extraordinary.

To maintain that residual feeling that great art leaves in its wake, that raw spirit of human resurrection and connection captured in Beyoncé’s verses and that solidarity of sisters united, we’ve rounded up a few pieces that remind us of Lemonade. Wear them to carry you through the week or to see the diva in concert. These are uniforms that slay, like Bey.

Making jealous or crazy look good.

Who says angry has to be blah? Slip on this marigold N°21 Alisha sleeveless midi dress to skip through the streets with or without intent to cause property damage like Bey did in the “Hold Up” sequence.

Dress like Beyonce's Lemonade

Elevate yourself by pairing it with the Candy Saint Laurent platform sandal, like the Queen did. We’d also suggest you accessorize with hoop earrings to capture the full impact of your swagger.

You’ll never re-create her, though.

IVY PARK separates
Vera Wang Faux fur for the Beyonce Lemonade look

“Don’t Hurt Yourself” trying to re-create Bey’s looks. But this one is fairly easy.

Start with some of her own IVY PARK activewear, like this seamless strappy bra top and the V mid rise three-quarter leggings.

You’ll need to top that sports bra off with fluffy fur. We selected the Vera Wang Scarlett collarless faux fur jacket in ash grey, though we’re pretty sure the goddess of pop wouldn’t suffer to wear anything less than chinchilla to tell her man off.

Put your hair into some micro braids and add a snarl.





Stop interrupting my grinding.

To get with your girls, on a party bus, in a field or wherever, a mesh bra with a leather patchwork jacket is casually cool. Superfine’s Star leather trim jacket has strong patterning like Beyoncé’s number in “Sorry.” Wearing it over the b.tempt’d B.Active sports bra you’ll be ready to tell your boy bye.

Beyonce Lemonade, Jacket and Bra

Slip some heavy metal around your neck, like this Kendra Scott multistrand collar necklace. Then try your hand at copying the delicately captivating body art by Laolu Senbanjo that decorated Beyoncé and her dancers. This Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics pencil should get you started.

Beyonce Lemonade, Accessories


Daddy made a soldier out of me.

Beyonce Lemonade, Simone Rocha floral print dress

In “Daddy Lessons,” Beyoncé sings about the legacy of paternity and its impact on daughters. To begin this surprising country song sequence, she stands with a blues guitarist in a tunnel while wearing a beautiful feminine dress of African textiles.

With its puff sleeves and strong floral print, this dress by Irish designer Simone Rocha approaches the look. Simply place your hair in a soft updo and prepare to croon about your own daddy issues.

Make Lemonade. 

If you don’t want to evoke a particular song but show your admiration for the entire album, throw on some lemons, maybe even a lemonade print. These bright and uplifting designs could make a bad situation more than bearable.

Sweet lavender socks with pitchers of the summery drink should bring a smile to your workaday routine. Upping the fruity glamour, Dolce&Gabbana introduced an elegant citrus print for spring/summer like the one on this beautiful silk sundress.
Beyonce Lemonade

Then take a look in the mirror and say, “Wassup.”

—Britt Olson