How to Style a Fitbit for Day and Night

Monitoring our fitness progress is totally on trend. But so is delicate, dimensional jewelry. While our beloved silicone wristbands keep our goals on track, as adornment they leave a lot to be desired.

Function, meet fashion. Nordstrom editorial stylist Brenna Carlson showed us how to count every step and keep it chic with some simple styling tips and pretty accessories to wear on the weekend, to work and to go out.

Weekend Warrior

Fitbit for the weekend

With every coffee run and farmer’s market cruise, your steps count. To stay on your game during days off, add some fun hues and playful jewelry. Mixing metals with pops of color creates a dynamic look that distracts from the solid plastic of the tracker. Pick a palette, but “if you have a bright colored tracker,” says Carlson, “try not to match the color exactly in your clothes and accessories.” Add a complementary color, or mix in lighter or darker versions of the same shade, like the blues incorporated above.

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Aim to balance a bold tracker with interesting, detailed pieces on the other wrist, while your tracker wrist sports a few simpler pieces. Carlson’s note of caution: “If you think you’re wearing too much, you probably are. When in doubt, take one (or two) off.”

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9-to-5 Fitness

For office hours, layer on sleek metals in a uniform shade. Gold and black are a power pair this season, so if you’ve got a black tracker, try some simple gold-toned bangles and rings. “Pull focus away from the wrist with an interesting combination of rings and midis,” Carlson says.

Fitbit for work

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What’s more professional than a sleek timepiece? On the other wrist, add a watch, but go with a lighter color to offset a darker fitness tracker, like this Skagen leather-banded beauty. And mirror the dainty gold theme here too. “That’s the nice thing about delicate jewelry,” says Carlson. “You can wear a lot, but it doesn’t look like a lot.”

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Evening Calisthenics

Don’t take off your tracker for cocktails. You’ll need it for dance floor exercise evidence! For your night out, “opt for fewer pieces that make bigger statements,” says Carlson, like a geometric cuff. Keep the bolder piece on the tracker-free wrist, and add dimension to the tracker side with an eye-catching ring.

Fitbit for evening

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Tracker styling takeaways:

  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize your tracker wrist. Rather than drawing extra attention to it, a few select accessories will actually diminish it.
  • Find balance between both wrists. Your tracker is already chunky, so stack it with smaller pieces and add your statement bracelets on the other wrist.
  • Don’t wear the same number of pieces on both wrists.
  • Play up the color of your bright Fitbits with complementary shades, but avoid matching your outfit or accessories to it exactly.

—Solvie Karlstrom