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How to Wear Fishnets, Fall’s Most Alluring Accessory

A little punky, a bit pinup, the netted stocking has historically been a brazen wardrobe choice. From the Moulin Rouge to Madonna, fishnets simply add sexy. It’s impressive how so little (sometimes so very little) fabric can cause such frisson. And that’s exactly why it’s exciting to see the diamond threads peeking out from all sorts of styles this season.

We asked Nordstrom Styling Director Ruth Basloe how to interpret the hosiery now. Here are her tips for showing a little leg without looking like a showgirl.

“The key to wearing fishnet stockings right now is to pair this typically dressy, sexy hosiery with things that are exactly the opposite,” says Ruth. “Instead of the expected pumps and sexy dress, try wearing them with heavy, boyish footwear (combat boots are perfect) and sweet, casual dresses.”

How to Wear Fishnets

“Stockings aren’t your only option, as fishnet socks are also trending,” Ruth explains. “My favorite way to wear them is with back-to-classic menswear oxfords or loafers, although they also can look great with girly kitten-heel pumps (slingback styles look especially fresh). Again, it is contrast of the footwear that makes them feel new.”

How to Wear Fishnets
“To add another layer of contrast, pare back to well-worn, relaxed denim that is either cropped (unfinished hem is best) or cuffed to show off your socks,” says Ruth.
 How to Wear Fishnets
Jeans can also get the full fishnet-leg treatment: “I think the freshest way to wear fishnets is as a layer under ripped-up jeans,” Ruth advises. “Peeking through the rips, they add an unexpected, sexy edge that updates your casual, distressed denim.”
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