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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear Sandals Like a Normal Person?


Images by Jesse Rivera; styling by Jodi Taylor; modeling by Doug Ta’a

Summer is here and sandals are on our mind and feet—and not sandals worn purely for function, like beach flip-flops or shower shoes for the funky locker-room floor. We’re talking about sandals worn out in the world, for style.

Drop “mandal” from your lexicon immediately (to ensure it dies, don’t even say it in jest). While we can’t endure that term, we sympathize with your sandal anxiety. Not every guy can wear them with style; that’s what makes this a medium-to-high-swagger move. You’ll have to BYO confidence.

We spoke with men’s senior stylist Jodi Taylor on how to wear sandals and discussed the big puzzler: socks or no socks. As usual, she had the answers.

—Andrew Matson


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When you wear strappy sandals like Birkenstocks or Tevas with shorts, you should always wear socks. When you’re wearing long pants, it’s better to not wear socks. There are always exceptions, but stick to that rule and you will not go wrong. —Jodi Taylor



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Slides are hard to screw up. You can go either/or, socks or no socks. With shorts, socks are recommended (choose a solid-color tube). With long pants and cropped pants, try not wearing socks. It looks great. —Jodi Taylor



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For cross-strap or woven sandals, don’t ever wear socks. Period. —Jodi Taylor