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In-Flight Beauty: From the Coast to the Slopes

Frequent flyers know that a lot can happen between takeoff and touchdown. Recycled air is dehydrating, sleep schedules are disrupted and getting from point A to point B on time? Sometimes impossible. Though we can’t promise zero turbulence, we can relieve your otherwise irritated and puffy skin with tailored, in-flight pampering, all TSA-approved and ready to fly.

Today’s in-flight regimen is designed for snowy summits. Here, we take you from cabin check to final descent with a streamlined routine that doubles as an après-ski drink for the skin.

For your best skin, deep clean with a moisturizing cream formula before boarding to preempt the dehydrating cabin air. Then, check the cleanser and have some towelettes in your carry-on for a quick refresh.

We recommend flying bare-faced, but if you must wear makeup through security, remove all traces (plus any dirt and grime) before takeoff with a makeup wipe. The vitamin E in MAC’s Demi wipes helps keep the skin’s moisture barrier intact while cleansing.

Chantecaille’s botanical mask is designed for moments of overexposure, like negative wind-chill and jet lag. Chafed skin gets a massive dose of hydration with this calming mask, which we recommend you use like a rich cream, both in-flight and after a day on the mountain.

For tired eyes and chapped lips, La Prairie’s dual treatment is perfect for soothing at 35,000 feet, and for creating ample space in your hand luggage. The eye cream-gel eases fine lines with soft moisture, while the balm helps restore cracked lips. Apply generously throughout your flight. The compact design easily slips into your jacket pocket, which means you can apply as needed on the ski lift, too.



Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily healing mask | La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter | MAC Little MAC Demi wipes


Reach your destination looking put together, but not overdone. Whether or not you were able to catch some shut-eye, you will appear well-rested with a simple lift of the lashes. Charlotte Tilbury’s lash curler opens up the eye by elongating your fringe—no mascara necessary.

Your skin—now feeling supple and comfortably moisturized—is even more luminous with a wash of pink on the cheeks. Just before landing, apply a rosy glow with Tata Harper’s nourishing tint on the apples of the cheeks. Follow with a swipe across the lips to finish off the ultra-fresh look.

Tata Harper Volumizing lip & cheek tint | Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lashes eyelash curler

Photography and story by Erica Lopez