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Inside Lanvin FW 17 with Nordstrom Men’s Designer Buyer Dan Drewes

Our designer selection is the result of Nordstrom buyers traveling to visit brands, exercising their fashion expertise, and choosing items they like and think you will too. Here’s what men’s designer buyer Dan Drewes had to say about our fall and winter 2017 selection from Lanvin.

SHOP: Lanvin

For the uninitiated: What is Lanvin and what’s it like being in their showroom?

Lanvin is perfect French luxury, and we visit them in their Milan showroom every year. When you enter, there are these two giant doors. Other than that, it’s a minimal building and it’s all about the product.

Let’s talk about this look in particular. The bomber jacket is something you buy from a lot of brands. Is it a staple going forward until the end of time?

Yes. And I think it’s representative of a lot of what we’re doing with Lanvin this season. We’ve bought and sold a lot of dressy looks from Lanvin. But we’ve seen a lot of our brands go a little more casual, and now it’s noticeable with Lanvin that they’re making these fun, interesting, casual products we haven’t seen in the past. We definitely bought into it and think our customer will too. This bomber is a cool mix between a souvenir jacket and a traditional bomber. [Lanvin men’s designer] Lucas Ossendrijver was inspired by people making jackets their own. This is the ultimate version, with the Paradise patch representing a place you might have gone. And the spider patch: we’ve seen a lot of our designers pick up animal icons as their mascots over the past few seasons. We’ve seen the spider in the past few Lanvin collections. We’re digging it.

Do any of our other designer brands use a spider like this?

No, it seems like a unique take from them.

Have you ever met Lanvin’s menswear designer?

Very briefly. We often don’t meet designers on our buying trips. If I designed the product, I certainly wouldn’t want to be there when buyers were tearing it apart, saying, “This is what I want to buy. This is what I don’t want to buy.” To me, it makes sense that there’s a little separation there. That said, when a brand is more casual, you tend to see the designer more.

What about the T-shirt here?

It’s a beautiful, elevated take on a simple cotton T-shirt that involves multiple shirts pieced together. We always buy super-luxe, opulent stripes from Lanvin. This shirt is made from a mercerized cotton fabric, which comes from a cold-water dye process that creates those super-crisp stripe lines and a smooth, compressed feel. This shirt stood out in the showroom.

What’s most classically Lanvin about what you bought?

The polo with an interesting grosgrain collar that’s kind of a military taping, almost nylon-y. The biker pants. Sleek coats, both long and short ones.

What’s one new theme of this collection?

Camping. We’re selling a thick, rib-knit sweater that feels like it came from the ’70s, something you would wear in the woods. We touched on their tie-dye idea in a way, with a beautiful dip-dye blazer. For a house like this, which is classic and understated, those themes are a light touch.

What else differentiates what you bought?

We played into these heavy neutral colors: deep reds, dark greens, rich khaki colors. That feels good for fall. Khaki has been one of those things where we’ve seen every shade you can get of that color, and Lanvin’s still stood out as exceptionally beautiful.